Friday, November 03, 2006

Fashionable Growth

Yesterday we participated in the second annual NICU fashion show, Fashionable Growth: Something to be Thankful For. The girls modeled at last year's show. This year mommy was a model also. Daddy was happy to participate, but wasn't into modeling the fashions. I cannot imagine why not??? Notice in the pictures how he appears to be hiding behind his baby? He didn't notice until after the show that his fly was down the whole time! HAHA! Luckily there was no evidence in the pictures:)

We had a great time connecting with other NICU families, as well as some of the doctors and nurses that we have gotten to know so well. One of our neonatologists and our pediatrician participated with their three girls. They have a daughter who is the same age (adjusted) as Holland and Eden and it was a lot of fun to see them playing together.

The clothes were absolutely beautiful. I modeled three outfits from V2V in Ann Arbor. One was a "family" outfit, one a "Girl's Night Out" and one "holiday" outfit. I loved all three, and would have bought them, except that they were totally out of my price range! I guess that's what is fun about a fashion show. You get to wear awesome clothes that you would never wear otherwise! I couldn't even buy the girls their family outfits. I especially LOVED Holland's first outfit, but the combo would have cost over $150.00. The tights alone were $32!!! I just bought 6 pair of tights at Target for that price:)

Holland was a total ham. She is not afraid to be the center of attention. The funny thing is that she won't really talk to anyone, but you can tell by her behavior that she loves the attention. She shrugs her shoulders, and swings her arms. When we were up she clapped for herself and didn't want to leave the stage! It was pretty funny.

Eden has given up taking naps. She thinks naps are for babies. The result is that by about 6:30-7 at night she is totally spaced out. She was really interested in everything going on, but wouldn't talk to anyone or give us any smiles. Doesn't matter though, she was gorgeous as always.

I've recently joined the Family Advisory Board at our NICU, and have helped a tiny bit with planning for the fashion show/silent auction and the NICU reunion. I've only been to two meetings so far, but plan to get more involved over the next year.

We had our reunion last month on October 8th. It was actually our first reunion, because last year Holland ended up hospitalized with pneumonia and we weren't able to go. It was a lot of fun to see all of our NICU mates. There were two other sets of twins, and one little boy at the reunion that we spent quite long time with in the NICU. Interestingly, one of the little boys has a cochlear implant like Eden:) In the pic above you can see H and E with the two other sets of twins.

Holly was a total ham at the reunion too. She wanted to be right in the middle of all the activity and wasn't afraid to jump right in. I love to see her playing and interacting so well with other kids. They are so cute and have all come so far.


Anonymous said...

You and the girls look beautiful. Poor John, I can't believe his zipper was down. Oh well, maybe no one noticed!

I swear your girls get prettier as the time goes by. I love the first outfit Holland is wearing, and the burgundy dress that Eden is wearing.

I think you will be a very valuable asset to the NICU advisory board. You certainly have quite a story to tell about your amazing family.

I wish you the best of luck in bettering the NICU, I am sure future NICU families will appreciate your hard work!

Kendra Lynn said...

I wish I could have gone. I would have LOVED IT. You looked beautiful, Billie! And of course, the girls are always lovely. :)


Anonymous said...

Paris, New York and we come.... the international supermodel family....


Amy said...

The girls looked beautiful, as did you. What fun!

I love that you are on the NICU advisory board. I know you'll be able to give valuable input.

Anonymous said...

Bill you look like one HOT momma as usual! The girls are too cute in their fancy outfits. Sorry we couldn't be there, but looks like you all did great. P.S. John even with your fly down I'm sure you were smokin. Luv Liz

Allison said...

Billie -

I wish I could have seen the girls in action better but I was too crazy chasing my darling boys. Did I tell you that Kyle was scoping on Eden? He did a little touching but stopped when she looked anxious about what was going on! Ha!

You on the other ahnd were the best looking mama out there! A friend of ours ask if you were 20 years old!

Anyway, fun times...Thanks for your dedication.