Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Anonymous said...

I'm terribly jealous! It's beginning to look a lot like... basically every other night around here. We have NO decorations and not a single free minute in the near future to put any out.

(Your house also looks incredibly neat compared to mine...)

Billie said...

SERIOUSLY...that's ONLY because I made sure you couldn't see the surrounding mess in the pics!

Kendra Lynn said...

I love your Christmas tree. :)
It looks so nice!


p.s. I put mine up on Thanksgiving was my only free day to do it!!!!

mamashine said...

I love the family picture on your mantel!

Anonymous said...

How on EARTH do you keep them away from the tree? Your kids are obviously way better behaved than mine ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your christmas tree looks so colour co-ordinated, compard to mine. The kids just put any random colours. The colours dont even match. Next year i think i might give them colours to put on. The Angel s probably the best part of our tree. Except half of it is broken. I think i might just buy a new tree, decoration and an angel for next year. In your shops do you have an unside down tree. Well in Australia in Kmart we do and it looks like some one drunk put it up.
Kiah James