Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music!

We drove a little over an hour to Toldeo for the show. Luckily we timed it just right so the girls would sleep on the way there, and at least get a little bit of a nap.

The girlies absolutely LOVED the show, and stared at the stage with rapt attention the entire time. It was better than TV.

We didn't get a lot of smiles and laughing like we had hoped, because they were just so awestruck by the whole scenario. After about the first three songs, Holland started to lighten up a bit and did flash a few smiles and clapped at the good parts. She was oblivious to US the entire time, but that's pretty typical for her. She would little by little edge her way up the isle to get closer. I really wonder if she got away from us, if she would even notice that we were gone! Eden would occasionally look back at us to check that we were seeing what she was seeing. She would also get excited and point to something on the stage that caught her attention.

All in all, fun was had by all and I think two is a great age to start doing these kinds of things. Especially if you are still young enough at heart to enjoy it yourself! John teased me saying that I enjoyed the show even more than H and E, cause he noticed me dancing and singing along. Let me tell you, I would have been dancing (even more) in the aisles except that nobody else was! Hey, I'm always up for a good party!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you all had a great time. I know John was secretly dancing on the inside. See ya tommorrow! Luv Liz

Anonymous said...

Next time DO dance!! Other folks are just waiting for someone to be first. . . I nominate you!!

Anonymous said...

SUNNY DAYS....chasing the clouds can you not want to dance to that awesome tune??
I'm glad a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotten about those weird coats Lisa had...Big Bird was halarious. With her round little face as a toddler it was quite funny when we put the hood up! Good memories.....

Anonymous said...

I never realized how much the girls look alike, until I saw the photos of them sleeping. I am so glad that you all had a great time, you all deserved it! You will have to start finding more shows to take them to!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't dance, they must not have sung "C is for COOKIE!"

Kendra Lynn said...

Everybody had a good time...that's so great!
Kids are so much fun at stuff like that.
I still wanna take mine to see Dora the Explorer...I KNOW that would drive them crazy! LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy it was a great time! We'll definitly do it with Sarah next year. She was sitting on my lap when I brought up your blog. She was all smiley and pointed to Holland.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you all got the chance to go!!! I remember our first Sesame Street Live viewing. I totally thought that we would witness complete joy while Jace watched the show but, he was totally awe-struck. He was completely still the entire show with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open!! Did you but any spinning lights with ZOE or Elmo on top?? We have both!

Im so happy for you!!


Anonymous said...


I'm the publicist for Sesame Street Live, and your blog popped up in my google alerts. I'm glad you enjoyed the show, and I'd love to use some of your quotes in our newsletter, Sunny Days. Please email me at to let me know if that is alright. Thanks!