Friday, February 20, 2015

E Needs a New Bike!!

E is a bike-riding super star and we were so lucky to have a bike donated to us from another family back when she was 5. She put a lot of miles on that bike, and had so much fun. Unfortunately (fortunately?) she has grown SO MUCH over the past couple of years and has physically outgrown that bike. She has also outgrown it in a mature, pre-adolescent manner as well, and is need of a bigger, cooler, faster, set of wheels. These adaptive bikes are obscenely expensive and well out of our price range. We have entered E into the "Great Bike Giveaway" and are really hoping to win a bike for her! Not only is it amazing exercise, it also allows her to participate with her sisters and friends hanging out, riding bikes in the neighborhood.

Please click here and help E win a bike!