Tuesday, November 07, 2006

At Least We Voted

I've been trapped in my house for the past two days with sick kids...again. The evening was a complete bust as far as eating goes. The girls wouldn't eat one bite at dinner, even though I made their favorite (hot dogs and green beans). Then they wouldn't drink their bedtime bottles either. It's amazing the amount of stress I feel when they won't eat. My mental health directly correlates with the amount of food that my kids ingest in a given day. On top of that, poor John came home from work early because he is sick too!

They HAVE to get better quick. I've got so much to DO! I really need to go to work tomorrow and Friday. We're supposed to meet our friend Alana for the first time on Thursday, and Saturday we have tickets to see SESAME STREET LIVE!!! Get better SOON girlies!!! Please?


Anonymous said...

Oh girls, you HAVE to get well quick! Big Bird and Elmo are a must to see!
I'm sending BIG get well wishes your way...and for daddy too!!


Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I pray they get well soon!
Its always so miserable when little ones aren't well.


Michelle said...

Get well soon girlies! You can't miss Elmo and the gang. I hope the girls and John feel better soon, and that Mommy stays well too!

Anonymous said...

Hoping the whole family is feeling better soon! Sesame Street Live is enough to make any kid miraculously better!

Allison said...

Did we pick it up at the fashion show? We have been way too sick here also!

Miranda said...

How is it Hol can look so miserable, and still be cute? Hoping your girls and John get better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope the girls get better asap so they can enjoy all the things that you have planned! Get well girls! And John too!

Anonymous said...

aawww, poor baby! she looks les miserable. hope everyone is well soon - give my love to Bird.

love, lisa