Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another Impromptu Doctor Visit

These pictures just make me laugh, so I thought I'd share them:) Holland has been wearing her eye patch on alternate eyes for 3 hours a day for the past 6 weeks. We have an appointment tomorrow with the eye doctor to see how things are going. I can't say that I see a difference since our last visit. Her eyes don't seem any worse, but they don't seem better either. She does not cross one eye more than the other, which is good news. She just doesn't seem to be using both eyes together. At the last appointment the eye doctor said that Holland's eyes are actually almost straight and the problem is very mild. They appear to be crossing more than they actually are because of the way her nose is shaped. I read that this is more common in babies of Asian descent. We'll see how things go this time. I'm curious to find out if her vision has gotten any worse, and if she is going to need glasses anytime soon...

Today I had to take Eden to the doctor because she woke up this morning covered in a red rash. I have been sick with a fever and a sore throat since Sunday, so I was afraid that it might be a strep infection. Turned out to be no big deal. She has hives. No idea what may have caused them, but they sure are bad to look at. They don't seem to bother her at all and she was in her usual good spirits today, sticking her tongue out, blowing rasberries, and kicking on the cold table at the doctor's office. Funny girl loves everything...except eating...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Six Months Old (adjusted age)

The girls turned 6 months old, in age adjusted terms, on Tuesday the 17th. I thought it would be good to write a little about their personalities and development thus far, so we can look back on this someday and remember what they were like. Holland now weighs 13 pounds 2.5 ounces. She has lots of dark hair wth blonde highlights on the top of her head, but not so much on the back. She is able to roll over really well now, and can pick up her head to look at her toys when on her belly. She is also sitting up with just a little support, and likes to spend time in her walker or booster seat practicing her skills. She really likes to kick things and is good at aiming her feet, whether it be to kick her toys to make them move, or to kick her sister in the head:) She also LOVES to be talked to and sang to. She laughs out loud when I bounce her on my lap and sing, and when I scare her and say "hey" in a stern voice. She holds her toys and puts them in her mouth, but doesn't really reach for them yet. She does reach for her sissy's mouth though! Holland is a great sleeper and eater. She drinks about 25 ounces of milk in 24 hrs, and usually only wakes up once during the night to eat, if at all. She generally takes 3 naps a day, one long morning nap and two shorter afternoon and early evening naps.

Eden now weighs 12 pounds 2 ounces. She has dark hair all over her head that is growing fast, and has really dark brown eyes with looong eyelashes. She is still working on learning to roll over and pick up her head consistently. She is very content to lie on her back and bat at her toys on the baby gym. Eden has a very goofy sense of humor. She likes when we make faces at her and LOVES to stick out her tongue. She smiles and laughs with her mouth WIDE open. Eden is not too keen on eating and would be happy with about 2 ounces every 3-4 hours, so we have to push a bit to get her to eat. She gets distracted and wants to look at everything going on around her, so as not to miss anything. Eden goes through phases with eating and sleeping so it's hard to say if there is a pattern. In general she is drinking about 18-20 ounces of milk a day, and wakes 1-2 times a night to eat. Eden takes 2-3 naps a day. The morning nap is pretty consistent, but sometimes she will skip one of her afternoon/evening naps and will only take two. Both girls are very aware of each other now, and like to spend time looking at and trying to eat each other. They also love to be outside and love to have company. They are really good natured, happy babies and we are lucky to have them!

Friday, May 13, 2005

That sure is a lot of girls...

Kristin is home from Germany and we finally got to get all of our girls together. Aren't they cute??? Now Alyssa, Emily, and Leanna can be world famous too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fun in the Sun

Rice Cereal

We started the girls on rice cereal on Saturday morning. Neither of them were crazy about it. Holland made funny faces, but did actually swallow a couple of bites. At one point she took the spoon out of my hand and put it in her mouth like she wanted to feed herself. Pretty smart, huh? Yesterday Holland actually ate one whole tablespoon! Today I think I waited a little too long and she was too hungry to be patient, so we had to quit for a bottle. We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

You can see from this picture what Eden thought of the whole rice cereal endeavor. Yesterday she continued to act like I was trying to poison her. Each time she takes a bite (or I trick her into opening her mouth and sneak a bite in) she makes this face, then gags a couple of times before swallowing. It cracks me up! Today Edie did a little better, and despite her protests I think she'll get the hang of it soon. It won't be long till she's chowing down on peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, etc...Yummy.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Heads Up!

This has been quite a busy week at our house. Both girls finally figured out how to lift their heads when on their bellies! Holly is now rolling over both ways (and can get her arm out), and Eden has twice rolled from her back to belly. Holland can sit up with a little support, and I know it won't be long until she is sitting unassisted.

The girls had their 9-month checkup on Wednesday. I can't believe it's been that long! Holland weighed in at 12lbs 12oz, and Eden is 11lbs 13.5oz. Their pediatrician was pleased with both of their progress and once again reminded us not to worry about Eden trailing behind:) It may just be that she will always be more petite. We got the go ahead to start the girls on rice cereal. That's what we're looking forward to this weekend. Will keep you all posted:) Holly had a dermatologist appt today and he said that she looks great and we should keep on doing what we're doing. The only thing we are going to change is to start washing her hair with Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo. The mineral oil has really helped the dryness and flaking, but her head is still itchy and she is always scatching it up. The whole routine is very time consuming and frustrating, but it's working so we'll keep at it!

Aren't they just adorable in these pics??? They're so cute I can't stand it! I just wanna eat them up:)

My brother and sister-in-law are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

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