Saturday, November 11, 2006

Better Enough

Today is the Big Day! Wish us luck on our Sesame Street adventure:) The girls are feeling "better enough" that there is no way we will miss it!


Anonymous said...

I hope that fun is had by all! Let us know how it went. I'd love to take Sarah next year when it comes back to our area but I worry she's a little too young... So I'd love to hear your experiences!


Anonymous said...

Hope the girls had a blast, glad they are feeling better...I can't wait till Kellar gets old enough to take him to things like this..

Anonymous said...

yey, the big day is here. miss hollie looks ready to star in the show and eden seems to be preparing herself for an encounter with the big guy. so cute. glad they're feeling better. hope you have a great time.
love, lis

p.s. i used to have a big bird winter coat when i was little - it had his face on the hood. i think i had an oscar the grouch one too (he and the count are my favs)

Kendra Lynn said...

HEy there.
Hope the girls had lots of fun with Elmo and Big Bird!


Miranda said...

Hope everyone had fun, and that the girls made a full recovery afterwards! :)