Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe Today???

There are whisperings on the wing of us going home today...

Nothing has changed. I was explicitly told that "under NO circumstances" would Holland go home with oxygen. But I think it is being considered.

I think there may be RSV, or something like it, somewhere around here, and they've decided it is too risky to keep her here.

I hope, hope, hope! Get me out of here!!!


Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get home and away from all those germs today.
Kelly in Canada

Anonymous said...

Go Holland! It's time to make your break!

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I hope you can go home!

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope Holland gets to come home today. And I hope both her and Eden get better soon!!

Angela said...

I hope, I hope, I hope right along with you! I will keep my fingers (and everything else) crossed!!!

Oh, and hoping NO MORE GERMS come your way either -- especially RSV.


Donnie said...

Great News!!! Don't forget to break out the Sign On The Door again!

hallegracesmama said...

Hope you get out of there today! Stay away, germs!! I'm surprised that they are hesitant to send Holland home on 02 when you have had both girls on it at home before. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you get to go home together today! And most important of all I hope and pray that Hollie and Eden are both turning the corner, shaking off those rotten germs and viruses, ready for a strong recovery. It's time for some fun and smiles again for all of your family.
Best wishes,