Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Big Smiles for Mommy

After many days of wondering "Why Me?", it's times like this that have me thinking "How did I get so lucky?"


Anonymous said...

Very cute picture! Can't wait to see you guys again soon.

Billie said...

Thanks for your first comment Uncle Nick! We love you!

Anonymous said...

love you,

Anonymous said...

Two great smiles to keep you going!
Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet. I can imagine the work involved with raising children, especially twins with all of the trials and tribulations that you have experienced. I see alot of crappy things done to children in my job and I think that you guys are wonderful parents and these girls are so very lucky to have you as parents. Keep your head up and enjoy your beautiful children.
Terri Fair

Kendra Lynn said...

Every new picture makes me smile more! They are absolutely adorable, Billie, and I can't wait until I get to tickle their chubby chins and get some smiles all my own!
I love you much.

Anonymous said...

This must be the pic you were telling me about! You were right, it is the cutest pic ever! I still want a copy of it!
Luv Ya, Missy

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! These girls are too much!
Love, Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

Just wait until they crawl up and sit in your lap just because they want a hug. Being a parent isn't easy but the rewards are so wonderful. When you raise a child who has sparkly smiles, it just warms your heart. You have so much joy ahead. Cherish those times because the little angels will turn around and really tick you off at times. Sometimes when you are making them behave, you'll have to hide your smiles because you don't want them to see that smile. You really do want them to behave!!! God bless you. Connie Wilhoite

Anonymous said...

How adorable your two little ones are. We go around Amercia sharing the great news about Holland and Eden, everyone is always amazed at the great testimony.

Now that we are expecting our first, this really puts things in perspective...I am 24 weeks today and I'm thinking God everything has gone great so far.

We check in on your website often, love the pictures and updates. You all have really have come so far.

Stacey R.

Anonymous said...

What beauties. It's starting to get a little suspicious, though. I mean come on, you must have an ugly picture of these girls on that camera somewhere.

Lots of Love,
Uncle Keith

Anonymous said...

WOW! They are soooooo cute! I'll be down for Easter, so maybe? just maybe I'll get to see them? I'll call you when I get into Wayne. Even if its just through the window I'll accept!!! Love you All. Candy

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hello, and let you know that i am eagerly awaiting new pics...;) (i'm so subtle). hope all is well, and hope meijer's continues to be a comfort and oasis. love you all!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures... keep them comming!!!!!

Melanie said...

I know this comment is about five years behind, but I just wanted to say how beautiful your babies are. They look exactly like their adjusted age of 2 months (?) which I have seen is not the case with most micropreemies. They are absolutely gorgeous and have been since they were born! Even though they were 24 weeks gestational age, they were still the most beautiful little one pound babies.

- Mel