Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Rain on our Parade

In the midst of all the preschool excitement Holland is still battling a yucky sickness that she can't seem to shake. It started last week, maybe Monday or Tuesday, as a stuffy nose at night that cleared up during the day. About 5 days ago it evolved into a cough, still mostly at night. She had to miss the parent/child day at preschool last Thursday, and had rough nights Friday and Saturday, needing breathing treatments every 2-4 hours through the night. Part of Friday and Saturday she had a low grade fever. Sunday was a better day, and the first night she slept all night, so I felt okay taking her to preschool on Monday for her first day.

The day went great until she woke up from a late nap with a fever of 102, then ended up coughing so much at dinner that she threw up. Sigh.

We were up a lot on Monday night, and finally at around 6am I conceded that she was going to have to miss her second day of school, so I called in to work and we headed off to the ER, and subsequently to the pediatrician's office.

I carefully read the policy on sending your kids to preschool when they are sick. Apparently they are good to go if their snot is clear and they don't have a fever. Pure craziness to me, but yesterday she went to school, and had another good day. The coughing started again after she got home, just before her nap, and she woke herself up before she was ready to be awake. That means the rest of our evening was filled with whining and tears and pure crabiness.

I took her to the doctor again today, and she has acquired a minor ear infection on top of everything else. So now she is 3 days into a round of steroids, and started on an antibiotic today. I really hope that she is feeling better soon, and that this is not a preview of what the winter/being around sick kids every day, has in store for us.

Other than this (pretty major) glitch, the first week of preschool went well, and the girls even happily said "good-bye mom" when I dropped them of today.

Let me just say that the 3 hours, twice a week, that I have off work, without kids is absolutely heavenly. I should have started this preschool thing earlier!


Anonymous said...

Poor Holls. :(

Hope she feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Get better quick Holly Doll:)
Miss Billie, have you gotten those toenails done yet??? :)
Love ya,

The Microblogologist said...

Poor kiddo, hope she gets better all the way soon! Glad they are making the transition into preschool well =).


Kendra Lynn said...

Sorry that there is sickness going around...that is always a bummer, but its good the girls are adjusting to preschool! Hurray!

And isn't it NICE to have some time alone?


katie said...

Aww poor Holly.
I'm glad they are adjusting well to preschool at least!

Sarah said...

Too bad sickness had to ruin the preschool fun. Sounds like you have what we do. :(
Enjoy your alone time!!! I am so happy to hear that everyone is taking the transition well.

abby said...

Hi Billie,

Check our just won an award from us. Like writing another post and such is precisely what you need to do right now!

I hope Holland is feeling better!

Mamá Terapeuta said...

How is Holland? Hope she is better already!