Thursday, September 04, 2008

Let's Play!

We've had a few play dates with some really cool kids over the past couple of weeks.

My girls are nothing if not social, and they love to PLAY.

Thanks for coming over today Amy! It was fun to finally meet your baby and see our girls playing together so nicely. We love you!

Thanks for calling Shannon, and inspiring us to get out and get our back-to-school hair cuts, like, RIGHT NOW:) We had a great time hanging out with your awesome kids!

And Pam, thanks for having us over. The girls had a really fun time playing with someone else's toys for a change:) Let's do it again soon! It's always nice to spend time with someone else who really "gets" the micropreemie thing. Plus your girls are so adorable and learning so much, so fast right now! I can't believe how much more Ivy is talking since only a few weeks ago:)


Anonymous said...

wow, your girls are really growing up nicely! I hope they are enjoying school!

Anonymous said...

Hey, haven't seen your girls for a while, they are looking amazing. You are such an awesome mom, hope you proud of yourself for being the exact mom they need.
Mel (Tertia's sis)