Friday, September 29, 2006

WalkAmerica Awards: #7 Walker

John and I were invited to the WalkAmerica 2006 awards that took place last night at Comerica Park for being one of the "top walkers." We also got free tickets to the game against the Toronto Blue Jays. I thought it sounded pretty cool, and I was excited about being a "top walker", so we went. We took the girls and had a great time. And the Tigers won!

Little did I know, but I got an award for being the #7 Walker in the state!!! Isn't that awesome!!! #7 isn't too shabby if you ask me! Of course, I owe it ALL to YOU, and to the wonderful "TEAM Holland and Eden" that donated and showed up to walk with me. I am especially grateful to Aunt Maureen, and the generous people at Farmer's Insurance that helped us out immensely, as well as to my amazing blog readers, many of whom I do not even know in real life, who generously donated on our behalf.

My plaque says "Thank You for Walking to Save Premature Babies." No need to thank me, really. I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing. I am, and will always be, a faithful and enthusiastic supporter of the March of Dimes, and the work that they do to help babies have a better start in life. We will absolutely be walking again next year, and will continue to set our goal even higher!

At the awards we had a couple come up to talk to us. They recognized us from the blog and wanted to thank us for helping them through a very difficult time. They had a son who was born at 24 weeks. I didn't ask, and now I wish I had, but my feeling was that their son did not survive.

Every single time that I hear a story of a preemie who did not survive, I feel SO VERY SAD. I cry for all of the babies who lose the fight. I wish for all of them that circumstances could be different. I feel grateful, even with all of the challenges we still face, that both of my girls are with me today. It really could have turned out so differently. I will never forget that, and I will try to never take their lives for granted. I will do whatever I can personally do to help more babies survive. One thing I can do is to continue to support the March of Dimes and the work that they do. I wish I could do more.

This is Eden's first work of art. She is one amazing little girl, with persistance and determination that could put us able bodied people to shame.


Billie said...

I fixed it! Feel free to leave a comment now. I was beginning to think that nobody loved me.

Anonymous said...

Second Comment. Woo hoo. Wait, why am I excited again?

#7 sound pretty good, but does that add lots of pressure to Team Holland and Eden for next year? You need to start training now!

Congrats again. I'm looking forward to participating in the walk next year with my babies.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy we all got to walk with you!! It was a great experience. We love you guys and can't wait to do it again next year. Luv Liz (Congrats on #7 you always were an overachiever!!)

Anonymous said...

Eden's drawing looks like a Cy Twombley! -E

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Billie. Thanks for all that you have done on behalf of premature babies!

And you are right, Eden is truly amazing. Holland is equally amazing!

We are going to be walking next year with Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award. That is so cool!! Also, Eden's artwork is really cool!! XO Amy

Anonymous said...

Way to go Billie! That is awesome!