Monday, September 18, 2006

Sick and Tired, but Cute

Well, we had about two weeks of good health and good eating. You wouldn't believe how much Eden was eating! I was really worried about her going all last month without eating solid food. I was afraid that she would forget how to eat, would develop some sort of oral aversion, and would need a feeding tube. Our pediatrician told me that he thinks she will be "like any other kid" and won't eat and will lose weight when she is sick, and will eat well and gain it back quickly when she is well. I really don't know how he knows. I was sure he was wrong and was trying to prepare for the worst. He was right though. She was seriously eating all sorts of food ALL DAY long. Holland was eating pretty well too. It was a good two weeks.

Of course, all good things must end. Holland started getting a runny nose last week Thursday. Yesterday morning Eden's nose started running and both girls were coughing a little. When we picked the girls up from grandma and grandpa's house yesterday evening Holland was wheezing pretty bad. We came home and quickly did two albuterol treatments in a row. Both girls were in pretty bad shape last night and we considered taking Holland to the ER. John and I took turns giving her treatments during the night. This morning, aside from REALLY runny noses, they seem OK and so far they are still eating OK. I hope, hope, hope, that this will end quickly and not develop into any ear infections or reactive airways. Everyone cross your fingers and toes for us!


Kellie said...

I hope the girls are feeling better soon and that it's just a *small* cold (is there such a thing in micropreemie land?). Tell Eden to keep up the good eating once she gets over her cold! It's great that both girls had a two week stretch where you didn't have to worry about calorie counting :) Love the new pics.

Amy said...

Digits crossed for the girls.

Anonymous said...

I have everything 'crossed'! You girls get better quick!
Love, Jules :)

Miranda said...

Busy with an ear infection of my own, and considering how miserbale I am, my fingers are very crossed that your girls stay healthy! And what a gorgeous smile on Edie!

Michelle said...

All fingers & toes crossed here for H & E. Our girls just weathered their very first colds last week. They did super, and it was acutally my toddler who got it the worst. Go figure. Your fears on eating sound so much like mine. With Mady I'm always fearful of "the tube". It's always looming. Glad to hear your girls are sticking with eating for the time being. Cute pics!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

I hope the girls are feelin' better.
I hate that they get sick so quickly!
Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

sorry i haven't commented in a while - i have been sick myself :(
though we're all sick, i am surely not as cute as H & E though. hope you guys are on the road to wellness. think of you and check in with the site every day.
love, lisa

liz.mccarthy said...

Oh Billie, poor Holland and Eden (and poor you guys being up all night AGAIN!).

I've been taking K to see a chranio sacral therapist - which I really think has been helping her develpmentally, I hear it can help ear infections too, maybe worth a while to look into in your area. Here is a link to our Doc's website: (She's an OD)

I sure am glad though that Eden ate once she felt better...ugh to a feeding tube!!!!

You certainly make the cutest headbands for Eden! :)