Sunday, October 02, 2005

More Hospitals

I don't have time for a long post, but I wanted to keep everyone up to date with the latest happenings. Holland came down with a viral infection on Thursday night, basically a really stuffy/runny nose and a cough. It got worse through the night on Friday and we ended up taking her to the ER at St. Joe's around 6am Saturday morning. She was admitted and has been diagnosed with a "reactive airway" and a touch of "bilateral pneumonia." She has been receiving breathing treatments every couple of hours, as well as steroids and antibiotics. She had a very rough night last night until around 11pm, when she finally fell asleep and slept for about 8 hours. This was the longest stretch of sleep she has gotten for three nights. She woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. After her morning nap she seemed to be feeling better and is working less on her breathing, and finally starting to smile and play like herself. She is still having trouble keeping her oxygen saturation up and will be staying at the hospital again tonight. I caught the virus that started it all and started feeling miserable last night. We barely made it through the night.

Eden has had a little bit of a stuffy nose yesterday and today and a little bit of a cough. So far, she seems to be handling it pretty well. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Right now, our plan is to take her in for her surgery in the morning and have her evaluated by the pediatric anesthesiologist. It will be his/her call as to whether or not we proceed with the surgery. It will be very frustrating and sad if we have to postpone the surgery after all of our anticipation, but we have to do what is right for Edie. If we do go through with the surgery, we will have babies at two different hosptials...again. Keep us all in your thoughts as we approach another boulder in the road...


Anonymous said...

hi guys. billie, i spoke with your mom a little while ago and i am so sorry to hear about holland. it sounds like it was a terrible two nights. if i know her though, she is fighting like a champ! you are in my thoughts (and those of my all my friends here) and we will be thinking of you. keep everyone posted on miss edie -- i know it will be frustrating if she is sick and you have to postpone, but as you said, you have to do what's best. it will happen! hang in there and know you are all loved and thought of.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Our baby had pneumonia when he was 2 months old and we spent the weekend in the hospital with him as he also struggled to keep his oxygen levels up. He was back to normal after just a few days though and you'd never have known he was sick just a week later! Good luck with Eden's surgery!

Anonymous said...

Hello Billie,
I am saddened to hear about Holland's pneumonia, but she is a fighter and will pull through. Good luck with Eden's surgery, hopefully it won't have to be postponed. My thoughts are with you, John, and the girls during this challenging time.

Emily Avey

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
So sorry to hear about Holland...Marion requested prayer for her in Sunday School and we prayed for Eden as well.
I hope that all goes well for you tomorrow.
Feel better!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Holland. Certainly the timing is stressing for you with Eden's upcoming surgery. It will work out. Hang in there, you are never alone.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you in NYC. Wow do these latest developments strike me as totally unfair! For what it's worth, your strength and your determined, knowing optimism is a true inspiration to me and I am sure to lots of your other readers.

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I am thinking of you guys and the girls. Good luck with the surgery and Holland getting better. When it rains it poors. Good luck and cant wait to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Lisa just called from LA to tell me about the latest with the girls. Billie, please know if there is anything I can do to help I'm just a holler away, and I mean that sincerely. You are all close in my heart and thoughts, and even though you've hit another bump in the road, it will pass and both healthy mommy and babies will prevail. Take care..big smooches and bigger hugs to all, Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

Hi! I hope you and your family are feeling better, it must be so hard to see Holland in the hospital. She's so strong and brave though. I'll be in town this weekend, so hopefully if everyone is feeling better and/or if you need anything you know my mom's number-I'd love to see you! I'll bribe you with dinner- I owe you guys! I'm anxious to hear if Eden had her surgery. I know you are the last person you are thinking of right now, but do take care of yourself. Much love to you and your family, donna