Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rice Cereal

We started the girls on rice cereal on Saturday morning. Neither of them were crazy about it. Holland made funny faces, but did actually swallow a couple of bites. At one point she took the spoon out of my hand and put it in her mouth like she wanted to feed herself. Pretty smart, huh? Yesterday Holland actually ate one whole tablespoon! Today I think I waited a little too long and she was too hungry to be patient, so we had to quit for a bottle. We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

You can see from this picture what Eden thought of the whole rice cereal endeavor. Yesterday she continued to act like I was trying to poison her. Each time she takes a bite (or I trick her into opening her mouth and sneak a bite in) she makes this face, then gags a couple of times before swallowing. It cracks me up! Today Edie did a little better, and despite her protests I think she'll get the hang of it soon. It won't be long till she's chowing down on peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, etc...Yummy.


Unknown said...

The kids look great! Enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try putting the cereal on Hollands fingers... THEN Eden would eat it!

Brooke said...

OH my gosh that picture of Eden is hilarious!!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

You will find as much joy as you receive now in the years ahead when you look at these pictures. I couldn't keep from laughing when I saw Eden's picture. I think I make the same face when I taste something that is truly horrible! God bless you. Connie Wilhoite

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
I'm just catching up on the posts...we've been in Florida for a week, and just came home today.
Have you tried putting the rice cereal in a bottle mixed with whatever milk you use? I did that with my girls, and they did much better with it.
It was watered down enough where they didn't gag on it, and they still had the taste of their milk with it.
I love ya.
Hope to get over there to see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a 29 weeker now 9 months old and when I give her the cereal I mix it with a little bit of her formula and 1 fruit. She loves her cereal. Why don't you try it. If you want to take a look of her webpage is: www.babiesonline.com/babies/l/leilany

Bye, Rose