Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another Impromptu Doctor Visit

These pictures just make me laugh, so I thought I'd share them:) Holland has been wearing her eye patch on alternate eyes for 3 hours a day for the past 6 weeks. We have an appointment tomorrow with the eye doctor to see how things are going. I can't say that I see a difference since our last visit. Her eyes don't seem any worse, but they don't seem better either. She does not cross one eye more than the other, which is good news. She just doesn't seem to be using both eyes together. At the last appointment the eye doctor said that Holland's eyes are actually almost straight and the problem is very mild. They appear to be crossing more than they actually are because of the way her nose is shaped. I read that this is more common in babies of Asian descent. We'll see how things go this time. I'm curious to find out if her vision has gotten any worse, and if she is going to need glasses anytime soon...

Today I had to take Eden to the doctor because she woke up this morning covered in a red rash. I have been sick with a fever and a sore throat since Sunday, so I was afraid that it might be a strep infection. Turned out to be no big deal. She has hives. No idea what may have caused them, but they sure are bad to look at. They don't seem to bother her at all and she was in her usual good spirits today, sticking her tongue out, blowing rasberries, and kicking on the cold table at the doctor's office. Funny girl loves everything...except eating...


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the girls always make me smile, but after a long day at work these made me laugh out loud. I'm sorry to hear about Eden's rash, but am glad it doesn't seem to be bothering her too much. Give them both a HUGE kiss from me. Love Ya All, Liz

Anonymous said...

i just stopped giggling enough to type...they are the cutest. i love how even a nasty case of hives doesn't dampen eden's spirits. sorry to hear you've been sick. feeling any better? take care of yourself little momma.
love, lisa

Anonymous said...

They sure are cute!! :) I will be by to see them soon.
Lots of love,

p.s. I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

How adorable!! I'm so very glad the girls are in good health and ready for their first long trip! Can't wait to see them and smooch on them!! It will be an exciting week-end with the girls and baby Aidan here!! We are looking forward to seeing all of you and to help you all have a memorable and relaxing (if that's possible:) week-end. See you all tomorrow and love to your family. Joe, Candy and Tyler

PattiRoberts said...

It amazes me how much Holland looks like her Daddy. She's just a doll. And isn't it nice that they have cute, baby-friendly patches?
When Meredith had to wear a corrective helmut, they had a lot of cute ones you could choose from. I think it's nice that they offer such things.
And, of course, Eden is a very cute little girl, too.
We continue to pray for their health and "rest" for Mommie!

Gindy said...

I had to wear a patch when I was about 5 years old (one eye just wasn't working for whatever reason).

Within a few years and some eye exercises I had 20/20 vision. It is worth it for her to wear the patches I would guess (depending on exactly what the purpose of the patch is).

Anonymous said...

They make my day! I hope your weekend was good, I know Granny Candy was in baby heaven! Smooches to you all. Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie!

I love the pictures! They are the cutest little girls I have ever seen. Hope you are well and your spirits high.
Lots of love and best wishes for you-all,

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey Billie:
Just wanted to say that it was WONDERFUL to see you and the girls at Allie's shower! :) They are beautiful, and you are a lovely mommy.