Thursday, March 24, 2005

Seriously Cute

The babies had an appointment yesterday with the pediatrician for their last RSV shot. Holly now weighs 11 pounds 9 ounces, and Eden weighs 10 pounds 12 ounces. Holland is almost a pound up on her sis! She is such a good eater, eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day and nursing once during the night. We're working on getting Eden up to 4.5 on a consistent basis. Eden went on a nursing strike for almost a month, showing strong preference for the bottle over mom, until a couple of weeks ago, when she suddenly decided that she would love to nurse again:) So they are both back to nursing once during the night, and occasionally for comfort during the day.

Just as I feared, I may have spoken too soon about the girls sleeping through the night. Now it seems that we have good nights and bad nights. I define a good night as going to bed easily at 9 and not waking to eat until 5, then going back to sleep until around 8. A bad night is any night that they wake up more than once, or even worse fuss all night. Eden and Holland each had a bad night this week. Holland sometimes has trouble because she is itchy and wakes up often during the night trying to scratch. Eden is obsessively sucking and putting her hands in her mouth, so she sometimes has trouble sleeping if her hand comes out of the blanket because she keeps wanting to suck on it. She'll get up to nurse for a few minutes, fall back to sleep, then wake up again in an hour and do it again. This routine was getting really old, so I started just wrapping her back in her blanket and putting her back down. If she wakes up after 3, I try to get her to nurse for a full 20 min. That way she won't wake up again for 3-4 hours.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your methods have worked so far, so just keep up the trial and error. They look as beautiful as ever. I'm so happy they don't have to get any more monthly shots!!!!! I Love you all and hope you have a great weekend! Love Liz

Kendra Lynn said...

Don't feel too bad about the sleeping through the night thing.
Katie is JUST getting Zachariah to sleep through the night, and he is almost six months old! She still has bad nights from time to you aren't the only one! Hopefully the girls will start sleeping better very soon. They are beautiful, sweet little girls.
Hope i get to see them soon!
Lots of love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I love those girls! B, your doing such a GREAT job with them. Everything is always changing, you just have to go with what works now. Before you blink twice they’ll be in school and you’ll be missing them in the night ‘cause they HAVE to go to bed and can’t stay up to play:) I love you too!! Kim

Anonymous said...

I think the girls are right on track, just when you think you have everything figured out...they up and do something is life with kids! I love the new pictures, and Holland's hair is coming in so cute! I love the barrett! The sweater pictures are adorable too, Aunt Jess and UNLCE DAVE sure do have good taste in those warm, up north duds! Love to all, Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

My goodness you have some seriously super cute children! Hopefully this time next week I'll be smooching their little cheeks and telling them all kinds of funny stories about their momma, and boy do I have a lot of those. Love ya, Jess

Anonymous said...

Hey B. I can relate to the not sleeping thing! Claire woke up wanting to nurse right up till I cut her off at 11 months! She still wakes up ocassinly during the night, but now I just change her and tell her to go back to sleep, though she does try to talk me into T.B. and a wap!(T.V.& sitting in my lap till she falls back asleep) I've gotten very tough and don't give in!

So don't worry it may not come now but it WILL come!
love You All, Missy

Anonymous said...

How was Easter? Wish the girls could've made their debut! Any new pictures?!?!