Monday, March 07, 2005

Family Fun

My dad celebrated his 61st birthday on Friday. For a gift, we surprised him with a t-shirt, mug, and mousepad with ALL 7 of his grandkids on them. My sisters and their kids were all healthy (a first!), so they came over on Saturday afternoon for a photo shoot. Having them all together for the first time was really fun. I just can't wait until summer when we can get together to play more often. Funny thing is that I was the sick one...and on Saturday night it seemed that both girls might also be getting sick. I called the doctor's office this morning and am taking them in this afternoon for their first sick appointment. They are both a little congested. Holland has been sneezing and coughing more than usual, to the point that she is choking herself. That's what I get for finally leaving the house to go out with my friends... Fortunately, so far they don't really seem to be having trouble breathing, eating, or sleeping, so hopefully it will go away quickly. Enjoy the picture, and I welcome comments on how cute my nieces and nephews are! We'll have another niece or nephew in little brother and his wife are expecting their first:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Nick & Sabrina, I'm sure their little one will be just as CUTE as the rest of your niece's and nephew's. I'm sorry to hear that the girls aren't feeling well but I'm sure they will be back to their perky selves very soon!!! Hope your all better too! Love Liz

Anonymous said...

First -- Beautiful picture! Twins holding twins and looking proud to be doing so. Second -- even if you stayed home all of the time, the girls would still get sick from time to time, so don't berate yourself. I am proud of you for your dedication to Holland and Eden, but I always have been proud of you for your accomplishments. I'm praying for all of you. Connie Wilhoite

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Marian and Matthew have really grown! I remember those two sitting for story in kindergarten! What an adorable picture, I'm sure your dad (and mom) will treasure it! I hope everyone is feeling better soon..I know the girls will be fine, you need to get some rest so you can do the mommy thing! Smooches to all, Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

WOW! how did so many cute kids end up in one family? must be good genes...:) marion is a picture of kim! hope you girlies are feeling better soon.
love, lisa

Anonymous said...

Billie just had to post a comment this time. Can you beleive how cute they are!!! I am truely blessed. I sure wished that I could have been there to see them all together. I think I could have keep quiet. But then I probably couldn't have I sure love all of you. Love Mom (Nana)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hi! What a great picture of all the cuties! That's so cool that all the cousins got to get together. :)
I keep looking for photo ops for Katie's baby, Zach, and my hasn't happened often! :)
Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Seven cuties! And one more on the way, Grandma and Grandpa must feel very blessed. There will be years and years of fun for these little ones. So neat the twins were holding the twins. I so remember their baby pictures in our dorm room, how time flies. Some day we will be saying that about Holland and Eden. Glad they could all get together. I hope the girls and mama, too, are feeling better.

Love, Kris

PattiRoberts said...

What a precious picture of all the kids together. I know your dad will treasure the gifts you gave him, but most of all - (take it from a grandparent) - he will cherish those children.
I was glad to hear you were able to get out of the house and have some "girlfriend time". Take those breaks as often as you can and don't feel guilty for it either!
We love you.
Bro. & Sis. Roberts

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of all the grandkids. They are all so cute!! How the girls have grown - they are adorable that's for sure!
Keith and Cindy had a baby boy this past Saturday. His name is Jack Andrew Yanachik. Now we have 2 grandchildren. They're the best!
Love, your cousins, Mike and Shirley