Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little Elves

Thank you, thank you, thank you Aunt Jessie and Aidan for the adorable sweaters. They look so cute in them I could just cry! Today we finally got a nice dose of fresh air and sunshine. Certainly helps to boost your spirits, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

two days in a row! i feel soo lucky! a little dose of "elfin" magic :) keep soaking up that sunshine and fresh air (it does a mommy good). love you!

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh, my goodness! They are the cutest little things! :)
I love their sweaters. :)
And you know what? They look like the happiest little girls ever.
I love you all.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! They make me giggle. Looking cuter and cuter in every picture. Can't wait to see you all!!! Much love, Jessie

Anonymous said...

Cute little elves! Hope you enjoyed your ice cream!! I love you and can't wait 'till rsv season is officially over so we can go hang out at the park with all our kids!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Uncle Dave get no credit for the sweaters? I'm sure he had at least as much to do with the purchase as Adian:)

Billie said...

Sorry Uncle Dave. Thank you too! We love you!