Friday, February 11, 2005

Silly Girls

Aren't they so funny??? Eden has become quite a little ham, smiling like this every time I get out the camera. I may have created a monster! Both girls have really been into The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat a Cake, and the ABC song in sign language lately. And today Eden decided that the "Mommy's gonna get you" game is VERY funny. She had huge smiles every time I tried to eat her ears and belly. Holland still looks at me like I've gone crazy:)

In other news...we had an appointment with an audiologist for Eden on Tuesday. If you all remember, she failed her hearing screen in the hospital, and had a follow-up appt before leaving the NICU. At that appt they weren't getting a good response on the test and wanted to give her some time to grow and see her again in 3 months. Well, we didn't get the good news that we were hoping for. It's looking like she has moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears in the high frequencies tested. The audiologist wasn't able to test the lower frequencies because Eden wasn't asleep enough. We're REALLY hoping that she has SOME hearing because then she will benefit from hearing aides, and because we caught it early, should be able to develop normal speech and language. We have another appointment next month to do more thorough diagnostic testing and possibly have her fitted for hearing aides. I wish we didn't have to wait because I am feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed. Everything I have read says the earlier the better, so I am ready to do something NOW.


Anonymous said...

yes, they are silly! that picture has me cracking up! miss hollie looks like her dad in this picture, huh?

i'm sorry to hear the news about eden. however i do know that tiffany dukes, who was a premie (2 lbs i think)had hearing problems but was able to wear hearing aids. i know this must be scary and disappointing to you, but when i look at them i see two beautiful little girls, who, because of you both, will have wonderful, happy lives. the proof is in those pictures:) please remember you have so many friends and family members who are here for you. don't hesitate to ask. i love you much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Billie and John

Unbelievable how big these two girls are getting. They are so sweet. I'm so anxious to meet them sometime this Spring. I can hardly wait till then.

Hang in there and don't get too stressed out. I think these two babies are miracles already. Nothing seems too impossible. They have already come farther then anyone could have ever expected. I believe that these two beautiful babies are going to be just fine. We love you guys so much and are here if you need anything. Love ya Janie (and family)!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hi, Billie:
Well, the new pics are just as beautiful as they can be. :) God has certainly blessed you with two wonderful little girls.
I was sorry to hear about Eden's hearing test, and I'm sorry to hear that you are stressed right now. But...I KNOW that God can touch that little girl yet another time!
He's healed Merry, and He's brought your girls this far...He's not finished yet.
I love me if you need me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Billie,
The pictures are the best! The silly faces and goofy grins are the pictures that will bring many smiles years from now when you all go back and look at old photos!(Just ask Lisa, Uncle Fester to many!) I know you have been told this, but please try not to worry so, from the looks of things the girls are enjoying every minute! I'm confident that no matter what the outcome of Eden's hearing she couldn't ask for a better mommmy and daddy than she has to give her whatever she'll need. Although it's hard to be brave and wait for more tests sing the spider song and enjoy those goofy smiles! If you need anything at all you know where I am, and I would love to help you out in any way I can...(I'm off this week, midwinter break...!) Just whistle! Love, Mamma Jules

Christy said...

How adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love this smiley picture! They are both so cute. If you ever have a free minute, please send me an email of this pic.

I send only my best wishes for Eden and the family. Lisa, gave a wonderful example of an adorable preemie with difficulties in hearing, so try not to despair. However, I can't imagine how difficult and disappointing it may be to hear not so good news from the doctor, not to mention how mentally and physically draining it must be dealing with all these doctors and hospital trips. (Even though I'm sure they are doing a great job). Hang in there, and please be sure to continue to be good to yourselves and each other. Wish I could be there to help you bathe, read, or play dress up with those cuties! I'd even let you get some shut eye! Only about 2-3 months to go!!! Love, d

Anonymous said...

Billie and John,
What cute Valentine's you have. How sweet these girls are. It is good to hear that they are starting to the real fun begins. I love that Eden has a favorite animal already.

I am very sorry to hear about Eden's hearing loss. I can empathize with your stress and your wish to get things moving, Billie. It must be very dissappointing to have been given the news, but now that you know you can move on with things like you said and hopefully get her fitted with a hearing aid. At least you learned early, I had a wonderful student, whose parents only figured it out in the 6th grade that he had a serious hearing impairment. He had been reading lips all of these years! He was a great student both academically and socially. The other kids were very accepting of his hearing aids and listening ears since they had all grown up together. I know that although this must be shocking and dissappointing, hold onto hope. God has great things in store for Eden, look how he has been with her thus far.

Love, Kris