Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bathing Beauties

On Saturday the girls got their first baths in the big tub with Mommy. They both seemed to love it. I think they liked it more than their baths in the baby tub on the kitchen counter. I might start alternating bath day. That way I'll be sure to get a bath everyday! Regular showers are just one of the many things I have given up since having kids.
Here are some others:

1. Sleeping in
2. Sleeping soundly
3. Shaving my legs
4. Getting out of my PJs
5. Wearing my hair down
6. Going out to dinner
7. Shopping for fun
8. Drinking
9. Going to concerts
10. Having lunch/dinner with my friends
11. Talking on the phone
12. Cleaning my house
13. Going to the movies
14. Working Out!

Oh, the price of Mommyhood... It's not just me is it??? Of course, I do get to do a lot of fun things that I wasn't able to do before. Including taking baths with my babes, smooching their chubby cheeks and necks, cuddling and smelling their sweet baby smells, and watching their faces light up when I walk in the room. It definitely has it's moments. I love them so much it hurts!

Tomorrow is a big day. We're going to the pulminologist to check on the girls oxygen. Keep your fingers crossed that they both do really well. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if they are both ready to do away with the oxygen. I have high hopes for Holly, a little more unsure about Eden. If they do well, we are really hoping to be able to do the overnight study at home instead staying at the hospital again. Especially since we didn't have a good experience last time with Eden. There's no way that Holland will tolerate sleeping in an oxygen hood and having anything taped on her face. We'd all be so much happier at home! It will be fun to see how much they weigh. They haven't been weighed in 4 weeks. We're really hoping for at least 10.5 pounds. My stomach is in knots. I probably won't sleep a wink tonight...


Kendra Lynn said...

Dear Bille:
I will be especially praying for you tomorrow. :) God is taking care of you and those beautiful little tykes.
It IS amazing how much you give up to be a mommy! I totally treasure my babies, but mommy needs time too!Make sure you get it...take care of YOU as well as your little sweethearts.
I will be praying the girls get off the oxygen soon.
Merry prayed for them just a few minutes ago when I put her to bed.
Everything will be alright.
Lots and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie and John, It is almost one in the morning on Wednesday and Dave just got peed on by Aidan, so after changing his jammies (Aidan's, that is) I thought I'd show Dave the newest pictures of your girls. He says they both look like John now (sorry Billie!) and regardless, are pretty cute :). Hope all goes well today at your appointment. We'll be thinking of you. Much love, Jess and Dave
Mommy Club Rules!!!

Anonymous said...

each time i think that the pictures can't get any cuter, but alas, they do! i will be keeping you in the forefront of my mind (as always) and do my best to send positive vibes your way :) I love you guys. billie, i say you try and do at least 1-2 of those things each week. start by talking to your friends on the phone - hint hint:) - and/or shaving your legs. ha. love you MUCHO!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers this morning. I hope you get good news at the docs. Isn't bathtime fun? It will only get better as they learn to splash . . .be sure someone picks you up a set of nesting cups for the tub (Brady's favorite). I chuckled at your mommy list....how true is that?! But, those smiles are so worth it.

Love, Kris

Anonymous said...

Dear Billie & John, They sure are beauties!!! Getting sooo big and changing in their looks sooo much. Before you know it they'll be eating Ritz crackers:) (hehe - you just have to ask Jess about that:) My prayers and love are with you in the coming days. Just remember - take time for YOU! Even if its only an hour a day. See you soon. Love, Candy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the great pictures. We hope your apointment goes well today. We are thinking of you always!

Love, Amy and Rod

Anonymous said...

Dear Billie, Good vibes are being sent your way, I just know that it will be a day of good news for you. As always the girlies are so sweet, they really look like they are enjoying bath time with mom! From one stressed mom to another, please make sure you take the time for yourself even if it's just an hour, it will make a world of difference! Warm weather is coming and that will make it easier to slip outside to breath some fresh air! Let us know how everything goes. Love, Momma Jules

Anonymous said...

Just two more months to go until the end of RSV season...RIGHT?!? Guess what they are putting in at the corner of Lilly and Ford?!! Walks will definitely be a VERY regular occurance - which will lead to HAVING to take a shower AND get dressed before you can leave the house (shaving opitional however it will be summer). There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's NOT a train - it's a COLDSTONE:):):)

Billie said...

You're kidding me??? A Coldstone walking distance from my house??? I'm going to turn into a BLIMP as well as a SLOB! Guess I'll have to keep pumping thru the summer to keep the weight under control...

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe hope the appt. went ok I'll give you a call tomorrow. Just wanted to say that Eden looks just like Jenna in the bath pic! Love Ya, Missy