Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Day of First Grade!

Sniff, sniff.  My babies aren't babies anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I am going to need another one ;-)

The girlies had such a great year this year.  They learned SO much, it's actually really quite amazing.  We were so lucky to have a really great teacher, and of course, Eden's awesome helper who has been with us for the past 4 years.  Thanks to all of our (teacher, helper, parents, Nana, and of course, Holland and Eden)  hard work, both girls are now "readers."  Their math skills (definitely an area of relative weakness) have come along by leaps and bounds as well, even though there have been times I wanted to bang my head against a wall trying to work on counting money!!  They are showing a much better grasp of the number line and number concepts, and are able to do pretty well with basic addition, subtraction, simple fractions, and yes, even money.  They made lots of great friends, both have a couple of "BFFs," and I think those friendships will continue to grow over the years.

We were sad to find out that Holland and Eden's teacher is moving to another school in the district, so won't be "looping" with the girls for second grade as we were expecting.  However, I am hopeful that next year's teacher will be wonderful as well and we will continue to progress.  It's just going to be a lot more adjustment in the fall than I was originally hoping for - mostly for my own sake.

But, I am going to put that worry out of my head for now.  It's SUMMER VACATION time!!!!  So much fun to be had between now and August 3 when Baby C is scheduled to arrive (and of course, more fun to follow).

In the words of Max, "Let the royal rumpus start!

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tiffany said...

i only got to meet your girls while serving you guys lunch years and years ago, and man did they make an impact, fierce little spirits that they are. glad to see you blogging more lately, have a wonderful summer, and congrats and your newest miracle!