Monday, June 11, 2012

Fancy Girls!

We attended our cousin Jenny and her new husband Jake's wedding reception on Saturday.  The girls were SOOO excited for their first really "fancy" occasion with new dresses, new shoes, a DJ, a dance floor, and disco lights!  Added bonus that they got to stay up waaaaay past their bedtime!!  They were so funny talking about it all week and counting down the days until the "dance party."

They both had a ball, and both have some great dance moves!  Holland crashed a little early, around 9:00, but could still be coerced back onto the dance floor when one of her favorite songs came on.  As always, she was a little shy, and was happiest when Mom was out there with her.  Eden, on the other hand, rocked her pony walker on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG.  She danced to every song, even when it was just her out there.  She tried the hustle, and was happy to be in the center of the circle dancing with complete strangers.  That girl is a ham, without a shy bone in her body.

I love watching both of them having new experiences, all giddy and full of joy and excitement over the simple things in life.  It makes my mommy heart feel super happy!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the dresses, and I'm not much of a gusher. Perfect colours. The girls look great!!

RunLikeTheWind said...

I stumbled upon your blog a while back! Your girls are such an inspiration! Looks like they had a ton of fun!

Anonymous said...

true princesses. fascinators and all :-))