Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

As you can see, Eden is feeling muuuuch better and we are thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather!

The pneumonia turned out to be bacterial (a very small focal area in one lung), and once she started the antibiotic she was feeling better pretty quickly. We had about 4 really bad days where I was on the fence about taking her to the ER, but by Monday she was ready to go back to school. Now we are just dealing with the yucky side effects of 10 days on antibiotics...only 2 days left!

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and words!

Happy Easter!

March for Babies is 3 weeks from tomorrow. Go Team Holland and Eden!


Katy said...

Wow. They are just getting SO big. It's amazing how fast they grow up.

Rachel said...

Hi Billie,

Over the last week or so I've read your blog from beginning to present... and oh my, you have an amazing story to share. I appreciate that it's not always easy for you, the girls and your family and that there are bad days but... wow, just wow. Thank you for sharing your story. I will most certainly continue to follow it.

It was amazing to watch the girls grow so much. Eden looks like a little girl with her hair cut and the little fringe! It's also been really interesting to read about the different challenges you've had with things like insurance and equipment. I think these aspects of your life must be overlooked by so many outsiders - how many people would consider how difficult it was to get Eden sitting in the bathtub safely and comfortably!

I work as a nursing assistant (I'm studying my nursing degree at the moment) in a hospital for profoundly disabled children. However watching Eden & Holland's story gave me a whole new perspective on the work that I do and I hope that this will make me a better nurse in the future, too.

Again, thank you for your story. I will most definitely continue to follow you and the girls!


Anonymous said...

hello. i just want to tell you about accupressure and how it has really helped my child with her immune system. My 5 year old was always sick in the winter time. She has had so many pnuemonias in teh past. Last Sept, we started doing accuppressure (deep massages done by an accupuncturist). I swear to you she has not gotten sick since...not once...not even a cold or cough. I really didn't believe it until it happened to us. She started going 2 to 3 times a week but now, we only go at most once a week or whenever I feel she is about to get sick. We go and she is fine. Pls consider truly helped with my daughter's immune system. It's not painful and no needles.

Kellars Mommy said...

Glad that she's feeling better, love the pic, they are getting so big!!!!