Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After a mini-meltdown on my part the night before (I've been under a little bit of stress lately) where I convinced myself that something really, really terrible was about to happen, I am happy to report that Holland's eye surgery went great. Better than expected even. The inside muscle on her left eye had, in fact, come detached at some point following her last surgery. This explains why her eye had gone from turning IN, to looking really good post-surgery, to turning WAY out. The surgeon was able to locate the muscle more easily than he anticipated, and was able to reattach it where it was supposed to be. He did NOT have to move the outside muscle at all as he thought he might. This surgery was done at a different hospital (at least different for Holland) and I thought they did a good job with pain control and anti-nausea drugs because Holland actually had an easier time in recovery than she has in the past. She was pretty tired that afternoon, but after a nap was up again playing with her sis. The next morning she woke up pretty sore, but we had no problem controlling the pain with motrin. The morning after that (2 days post surgery) she proclaimed that she was "fine" and didn't need any more medicine.

I was a little concerned the first couple of days that her eye was turning in slightly again, but after a week I think it looks really great and probably the best it ever has. She had her post-op appointment yesterday and her eye doctor said, "I think she has had her last eye surgery!"

Let's just hope that muscle stays put this time!

If you ask Holland how the surgery went she'll say it was "GREAT!" She'll tell you that she loves her new eye doctor because he has Thomas in the DVD player at his office, and she loves the new hospital where she had this surgery because she got to watch TV in recovery and they gave her KID POP to drink!

My kids have such a way with always looking on the bright side of life.

Here is a before pic of Holland where you can see her left eye turning out:

And this is a picture taken the evening of her surgery:

Isn't she gorgeous?


E said...

That's great news. We just had a eye doc appt today and they we have to start patching Cole and he'll probably need surgery if his eye still turns outward after 3 months. I like hearing about good surgery outcomes!

Kendra Lynn said...

She is gorgeous...I agree.