Monday, March 08, 2010

In Like a Lion...

I kinda like March. For the most part, it's still cold and snowy and gray outside, but at least March holds the promise of spring. The sun was shining today and the temps have been above freezing all week. The snow is melting and I heard the birds chirping this morning when I woke up. Spring is coming and we are ready for it.

This March, however, is going to be very busy around our place. So much is happening at once. I have had an anxious feeling in my chest this week, always feeling like I must be forgetting something.

Last week we had my dad's birthday dinner on Saturday and John was gone Wed through Sat evenings last week to hang out listening to music at the Hamtramck Blowout. We got a babysitter on Friday night and I went with him.

This week is crazy. John and I are both working on Monday and Tuesday, then off for the rest of the week. On Wednesday we are taking Eden for an assessment at the Conductive Learning Center in Grand Rapids. We have applied and are hoping to be accepted into their summer camp in July. Very excited about this.

On Thursday we have a pre-op appointment for Holland, and another eye muscle surgery scheduled at the university hospital on March 16. In a nutshell...the new eye doctor suspects that the inside muscle on her left eye has slipped and that is why it is now turning out. This surgery will be more complicated than previous surgeries and will require that a second surgeon is present. They will also have to check the outside muscle to make sure that it hasn't gotten too tight. If it has it will need to be released as well. Sigh. I have talked to her previous eye doctor (who is on vacation in Mexico), and she also feels it is the right thing to do. I feel like getting another opinion will only serve to muddy the waters, so we are making the decision to go ahead with this surgery based on the information available to us with Holland's best interest at heart. But I'm not happy about it.

Thursday is also John's birthday, so we'll try to throw in a little fun too:)

Friday is PT, and a pre-IEP meeting at school for Eden. Kindergarten registration is this week, and the team is going to meet to make sure we have all of our bases covered before the official IEP meeting in May. We want to make sure we are prepared for kindergarten in September (gasp).

Saturday the 13th we are taking a mini-vacation to the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio. We are staying at a hotel with a POOL(!) and going to see one of our favorite bands, They Might Be Giants perform their kids songs. Holland and Eden love TMBG, and quite honestly John and I do too! We are all very excited about the show, but Eden seems to be most excited about the hotel pool. Only downer...we have to sit separate at the show because Eden is only allowed one companion in the wheelchair accessible seating area. I called to voice my complaint, and was told to arrive early the day of the show. If there are seats still available in the accessible area we can sit together. I am trying not to get my panties in a bunch about this...but I can't help but think about things like, "what if I was a single parent?" I wouldn't be able to sit with my two kids? Or, "what if John and I only had Eden?" We wouldn't be able to sit together with our kid? I can understand that they don't have room for large groups of non-disabled people to sit in the accessible area. But a family of FOUR, at a KIDS show??? Sheesh.

We'll get home on Sunday night, take Monday to recuperate, and Tuesday is Holl's surgery.'s work on Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day), work-related conference in Lansing on Friday, a playdate with out-of-town friends the following week, a Tegan and Sara concert, an appointment to do our taxes, and John's turn to volunteer at preschool...all before the end of the month. On top of all that I have this sudden drive to start thinking about selling our house (likely for less than we bought it for...ugh), and have appointments to look at a few places in the next couple of weeks (more on that later).


At least March will be out like a lamb. Right?


Unknown said...

Wow busy to say the least! I'll say a prayer for Holland, she is such a beautiful girl. I have to say when I watched this last video of the girls I remembered a video you did of Holland she had your paper and you asked her did you take mommys paper and she said without hesitation and with the cutest voice yes, I did! I love it!! Your girls are to cute!
p.s you could move to the brighton area, hint hint!!

Anne said...

I'm a little exhausted just reading about all that :) Hope John has a fun birthday!

Anonymous said...

That isn't standard... only allowing one person in the accessible area with her. I would definitely show up early and if there's still no room, MAKE them make room!

It does work.

Laura said...

Wait... you have 2 children with special needs. Do they specify that ONLY wheelchairs are allowed in that area? If you say that you have one child in a wheelchair and her twin sister has a milder form of CP and vision difficulties, will they really tell you Holland can't sit in the accessible area?

All the best for your busy March!!

Kendra Lynn said...

wowzas! You guys are busy! You will be in my prayers...lots of love...and enjoy your mini-vacation!

Katy said...

That is a lot! I am really interested in getting some of the TMBG cds or videos for Charlie--I've heard so many good things about them.

The wheelchair thing is SO difficult. We're wrapping a trip in Disney World and they've been great, but I can see how it's hard to get these things done right.

Lori said...

I've never commented on your blog before but I read all the time

I have 27 week triplets who are now 11.5. We live in the Grand Rapids area. Noah attended CE from the age of 3 to 5. He will be attending an intensive session in April for four weeks. I am very excited about it but I'm also worried about him missing so much school.

Let me know if you have any questions about the area, the school or anything else.

Just Me said...

I visited that same CE class when I was an OT intern in St. Joseph Co. Schools 10 years ago. It was really neat. I think Eden would love it; she has the drive to really benefit from their approach.

Adrienne Saunders said...

Billie, Please write to my friend, Pat Lang. She has the same problems with accessible seating. She also has people thrown out of these seats if they don't belong there. She is a hoot and has become quite verbal over the years. Also, what is the name of that little wheelchair you used at Disney? It was tiny, no sides and speedy! I want to let someone know about it. Thanks, Adrienne Saunders

Anonymous said...

Oooo TMBG, I am so jealous! Enjoy it. I hope all goes well with Holland's eye. You will be in my thoughts.

Clare x x said...

Good luck with all the hospital appointments. We have had appointments every week for the past 6 weeks (all prem related things) its tiring...

Its a shame about the disabled secition it really doesnt seem fair to split the family like that.

Happy belated birthday to John it was mine on Thursday as well, 35 years young!!!

Julie Shaw said...

love your header photo!

Anonymous said...

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