Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Big Day

Tomorrow is a big day for us! It is the fifth annual "Fashionable Growth" fashion show, presented by our NICU's Family Advisory Board (of which I am a member). We will be modeling this year's top fashions from Elephant Ears and Vintage to Vogue.

I will be wearing "liquid leggings." Total. Rock. Star.

Tickets will be available at the door. You should come!


Rebecca Baxter said...

I'm excited to see pictures from this! I'd love to come but I'm many several states away.

Anne said...

Have a great time and make sure to post some photos!

I never even knew there was such a thing as liquid leggings!

Viscouse said...

Jeez, how about some advance notice!
I would have loved to come tonight but Mum is arriving from Germany tonight.

Is there a way to get advance notice, or an email list or something? Is it every year on a specific date I can put in my calendar?

Hope you have fun! Is your hubby going to match you in the leggings too? I think people would pay to see that. :)

Kendra Lynn said... have the figure for the "liquid leggings" go, girl! :) Love ya.

Lisa said...

Holy cow, I think I had some of those back in 1985. And I was a rockstar, thank you very much. :) Seriously, they remind me of bat girl!

Anonymous said...

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Jacolyn said...

Can't wait to see photos!