Monday, September 07, 2009

All Good Things Must End

Our summer has come to an end. As usual, I didn't accomplish many of the things that I had set out to do this year. I didn't get rid of our broken hot tub. I didn't get my new counter tops. I didn't get the ceiling painted in the family room. I didn't hire someone to help clean my house.

But I did accomplish some major things. Holland had her eye surgery (questioning now if that was a good decision...more on that later). Three appointments later, and Eden has a new pair of pink DAFO's with rainbow straps. Eden's new pink Rifton Gait Trainer was delivered and we started practicing with it. I got Holland enrolled in Hippotherapy and she got to do six sessions with Eden this summer. The girls went to a week of day camp at the Center of Exceptional Families. John and I took a trip alone to Traverse City for our anniversary (11 years!). We went camping! I helped my siblings and parents out and hosted a massive garage sale at my house (together we made over a thousand dollars!). Eden gained THREE pounds in three months!

Best of all, I really, really enjoyed spending time with my girls. It was our best summer together so far. The hard things were a little easier, I had my routine down a little better, and it wasn't quite so hard to manage all of the appointments with both girls on my own. Holland and Eden are getting so much better at playing nicely together and entertaining themselves for longer periods of time, so it was a little easier to shower and get things done around the house. We talked a lot, played a lot, stayed remarkably healthy, and had generally a really great time together.

I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. But I'm sure I'll be okay...once I can get back into the swing of things.


Anonymous said...

You're an amazing woman, Billie! I'm glad you had such a great summer and hope your first day back to work goes well.

Shannon Smith

Unknown said...

Hi from Eden and Hollands teachers. We look forward to the new school year. Sounds like you had a great summer. See you Friday for our home visit.

Kendra Lynn said...

wow...sounds like an awesome summer! Hope your autumn is marvelous as well.


Vickie said...

"Ditto" That sums up our summer exactly! Glad you had a great summer too!