Monday, June 08, 2009

Moan Fest

Two more days of work for me, and I'm done for the summer. done as I can ever be. In fact, looking at the calendar this evening has me completely overwhelmed with just how busy I am going to be! At least it is SUMMER and the weather will be beautiful and we can get out of the house more. Warm weather and sunshine do a lot to boost my spirits, even when the rest of my life might not be operating so smoothly.

I promise a full review of the girls dance recital as soon as I can compile the best pictures from my mom, my sister, and my own cameras. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to use a flash so my pictures didn't really turn out well at all:( We still haven't recovered fully from this recent sickness, but they were well enough that it wasn't a total bust so that is good.

Let me just say that we have had quite a week trying to kick this bug and it hasn't been pretty. Fevers were up to 104 and lasted a good 5 days. Once the fevers finally went down the nasty coughing and breathing treatments began. Appetites have been pretty much nonexistent for approximately 8 days, which really, really wears on my mental well being. Without weighing her (because that would just put me over the edge) I would say that Eden has lost at least a pound and a half. Besides feeling miserable, the girls have also been very tired and took 3-4 hour naps most of last week (see, there is a bright side!).

They ended up missing the entire last week of school, the end of the year preschool picnic on Friday, and a preschool friend's bday party on Saturday afternoon. They were invited to two parties this year, and we missed both of them due to sickness.

At least I was able to put some of that nap time to good use to tie up some loose ends:
*I hired a new lawn service.
*I scheduled Holland's eye surgery for July 10th.
*I scheduled an OT eval for Holland next week to get her set up for hippotherapy over the summer.
*I made an appointment for repairs on Eden's power chair, and to pick up her new Rifton Pacer.
*I canceled our diaper service and duocal shipments through medicaid because we aren't continuing it after June 30 (the premium doubled and we don't think the extra cost will balance out).
*I ordered batteries for Eden's cochlear implant (while we still have the Medicaid).
*I vacuumed the family room and the amount of dog hair left in the vacuum was completely embarrassing, as it will also be next time I am sure.
*I put away the winter coats, scarfs, hats, and gloves.
*I folded some clothes and started working on the big shift from winter to summer clothes. That's a big job.

Unfortunately the list of things I still need to do is even longer than that. Paying bills, sorting and filing paperwork and mail, laundry, dusting, dishes, mopping, find a way to get rid of the broken hot tub, collect and relocate the mama cat and 4 kittens that are currently living under the broken hot tub. All with two sick little girls needing attention.

Well, this quickly turned into a big moan fest, which wasn't what I was intending when I sat down.'s been a stressful week. So there you go. Summer is coming, and it can only get better. Right?


jennifer_jj said...

Some days it would be nice to be able to clone yourself, and to stay awake 24/7, right?
Congrats on the summer off, enjoy the nice weather!

*Tasha* said...

Get rid of the hot tub through maybe? A lot of people advertise their hot tubs and it seems to work.

I'm sorry you're stressed! I hope it all works out.... nice weather at least, yea!!

Good luck with everything! Just take it one at a time and don't think about the whole list.

Cassie said...

You could also try freecycle for the hot tub. I got rid of a broken sewage ejector pump on that... Not sure uf there's one in your area or not...

Melanie said...

Oh I hear ya!!

Daniel also missed the last 3 weeks of school due to his illness and then swine flu in his class so we opted to keep him out because he gets sick if someone has a running nose that is a mile away from him! His immune system sucks to say the least!

Premiums doubled?? holy crow...
thats no fun!

Sarah said...

Holland looks SO SAD in that picture! I'm glad they were able to do their dance recital even if they weren't in tiptop shape for it. (I must get on finding a Shoshanna-friendly dance school, as she is DYING to take "dancing class".)

I second the freecycle suggestion for the hot tub.

Happy summer!

Rachel Dominguez said...

Yes It Will Get Better!

Anonymous said...

When do you want us to pick up the hot tub? - Kim

Billie said...

Um, right now would be good.

Rebecca said...

I hope they get better soon! We will be thinking of you on July 10th for Holland's surgery. My little girl is having a g-tube placed that day. I hope it is a summer full of fun for everyone!!

Beth said...

I've been reading your blog for about 2 years now and have also loved reading your updates. You are a wonderful writer and the girls are beautiful. Sorry to hear they have been so sick, though! I always feel sick myself when my 2-year-old has a fever, isn't eating, etc. Not fun!

Beth said...

Oh, about the hot tub, you could try 1800gotjunk. they are expensive (sigh) but they do a good job.

Shannon said...

Breathe Billy, Breathe!!!! Hope that this summer is a great one for all of you and the girls are better soon! HUGS

Anonymous said...

On a brighter note, what a beautiful photo at the start, where even an ill Eden is able to sit so nice and tall. That's awesome.