Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too Cute 4 Words Wednesday


Miracles said...

Too cute is right!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree!! Luv ya Liz

Rachel Dominguez said...

They certainly are!!!

Grammacello.Jo-Anne said...

How are you dealing with Eden's hair and her "hearing" these days?
You seem to have abandoned the hairbands, largely. Have you hit on another method?
Just wondering-(not this particular pic of course!)

Billie said...

We have discovered that when Eden's hair is pulled up in a ponytail, we can use a barrette to clip the processor in her hair. Her head control has improved tremendously, as well as her ability to put her magnet coil back on when it comes off, so the new method has been working wonderfully:)

Eden likes it very much. I think it makes her feel like a "big girl." She tells me every day when I am fixing her hair, "I want a ponytail and NO headband...just a barrette."