Monday, February 02, 2009

Better Letters

Holland and Eden are kicking some serious RSV butt!

Our second night in the hospital was MUUUUCH better, and Eden was able to sleep all night on 1/4 liter of oxygen. I talked to the staff about minimizing distraction, and that helped a ton, but also she was just a lot more relaxed being familiar with the environment, and not having just suffered through the trauma of 5 attempts at an IV. We both got a lot more sleep and today was a great day. Eden ate tons of sweets...banana cake, brownies, chocolate cake, donuts, cookies...along with three decent meals. She also watched movies, read books, took a couple of trips to the fish tank down the hallway in her little manual wheelchair, colored, painted, and, as usual, charmed everyone she met. She was off oxygen all day, satting between 95 and 100. The only reason we're here tonight is to make sure that she can sleep all night without dipping too low. The plan is to go home in the morning!

Holland definitely has it (RSV) too, but is still handling it at home like a trooper. We started her on some steroids last night, so the evil terrorist behavior is setting in, but luckily we only have to make it through two more days of that and hopefully we'll be home free.

I have lived the past four years terrified of RSV, and for good reason. Even just a year ago we would have been in serious trouble. RSV is potentially fatal for preemies with crappy lungs. I feel very lucky that we made it this long without catching it, and I'll be happy if we never had to deal with it again. But at least now I know, that while we might have to spend a couple of nights in the hospital, we CAN beat it.

YMCA, now those are some better letters!

Thanks to our dear nurses, RTs, and techs for taking such good care of us once again. And special thanks to Kristi and Amy for being willing to do whatever it takes to make Eden happy, including being total goofballs, AND being willing to let me post it on the internet!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy--regular reader here. I've been worried about your girls all day! I'm so glad they are recovering! I was thrilled to see the pics of Eden sitting on her own too! Way to go girls!!

Trisha said...

Oh my goodness! You're right, YMCA are much better letters. Eden is such a little cutie, even when she's not feeling well! I hope they both continue to feel better. You have some strong little girls!

Vickie said...

Omigoodness, Billie! I can't believe the girls got RSV. The same thing happened to us a two weeks ago, and I had a horrible sick feeling when they told me what it was. For the last three winters we've dreaded it, have managed to avoid it, and then this year they get it. It must be running rampant. Our one daughter who is on the vent was admitted to the hospital, because she had a seizure, they swabbed her and she tested positive for RSV she was getting synagis, so I'm thinking that helped her through it. The other two fortunately were not admitted, but came close, I've never seen them so sick. I was especially worried about our littlest one (9 1/2months), but she seems okay now. Hopefully the rest of this winter, and next winter is a quiet one. I'm glad to hear the girls are on the mend, and Eden looks like she's keeping everyone well entertained at the hospital!

Jamie said...

So so scary! You are all so brave. I am really glad to hear that Eden and Holland are on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! Way to go Eden and Holland for being such troopers. Hope the next few days aren't so bad on the steroids. I'll keep my fingers crossed. We luv u guys. Liz

Anonymous said...

Billie, I'm a grandmother who lives in Tennessee and is a regular reader of your blog.

So glad to read your post today that things are looking up. You and your husband are amazing.

I love seeing pictures of your girls. It seems that they have such a happy life. You know what my favorite pictures are? The ones of them "fighting". They crack me up. I don't think you've posted any for a while, but I think it's so funny to see the pix of them smiling so angelically, and then see them in some "sister" conflict.


Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, I hope they get better soon!

I feel so lucky, my 3 1/2 year old is recovering so much faster from colds, though actually he has had pnueomnia twice in the last year, and just gets "regular old colds" now....hardly have used the neb this year. But he was also a 32 weeker, huge difference. We would expect him to be just about "normal" now.


Sheila said...

Great news, and great pictures!

abby said...

I am so sorry to hear that the girls are sick but am heartened that their recovery seems faster this time (and that they are working on their spelling skills, too!)

Hang in there, and get well soon, Holland and Eden!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope the little girls are feeling better! Its been a tough winter, and we are lucky ours haven't ended up with more than just some bad coughs and the occasional week of breathing treatments. Here's hoping that all of you are well very soon!