Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas. I really do. For the most part, I am one of those cheesy moms who starts playing Christmas music just after Thanksgiving and proceeds to hum, whistle, and sing Christmas songs under my breath for the next two months. I love my big ole' artificial tree with the popcorn strings, multicolored lights, homemade ornaments, and giant star. I check the mail eagerly for the weeks leading up to Christmas and LOVE reading all of the Christmas letters and hanging up the pictures we receive. We hang stockings, make wish lists, and talk for weeks about what the girls will ask Santa for when they see him.

This year my holiday spirit has been tested. It started with the tree. I got it up in stages. The first day I put it up, the next day I put on the lights and star, and a few days later Eden helped me put the ornaments on. She was totally adorable in her pony walker, tongue poking out in concentration, studiously putting all of the unbreakables on the bottom two layers of branches. She commented on each ornament, saying "is this one special too Mom?", and telling Holland "not right now Holland, I'm helping Mom decoration the tree."

Well, we literally got the last ornament on when I heard two loud cracks and the tree starting falling! We ended up having to undecorate the tree and take it down. I had to buy a new tree stand, and about a week later I finally managed to get the tree back up and redecorated. Now don't get me wrong, I do love the finished product, but having to go through the whole process of actually getting it up TWICE was not my idea of fun.

The second test of my holiday spirit was during our visit with Santa. The girls had been prepping for weeks and knew exactly what they wanted to ask for. Holland was asking for "The Mickey Racetrack" and Eden was asking for "Aurora and the Horse." They were both very excited. As I was helping Eden onto Santa's lap I mentioned that she might need a little support sitting. Santa was cool with that. Then he looks at Holland and asks what she wants for Christmas, and she replies "The Mickey Racetrack." Then, still looking at Holland, he asks "And what does your sister want for Christmas?"

Say what?

So, in swoops Mom to say, "Eden, tell Santa what you want for Christmas." And Eden of course replies, "Aurora and the Horse." Perfect. Then Santa asks, "Does she has muscular dystrophy?" And I say, "No, she has cerebral palsy." And Santa nods and replies, "Oh, yes, I used to work with the CPs at one of my jobs."

Are you kidding me?

The girls smiled at the camera for the first time this year, we thanked Santa, and went on our merry way. In fact, Santa asked the photographer to throw in a few extra pictures for us because he really liked the girls, so we ended up with about double the pics for the same price. It was sweet really, and I know that Santa meant no harm.

But come on. Santa! Of all people, Santa should know better. First, my daughter is NOT a "CP". She is a little girl. And second, come on dude. Please look at her and address her directly. Especially when asking the most important question of the year!


Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I am sure that Santa meant no harm but it was not cool what he did either.

The girls look so proud sitting on Santa's lap and thanks to you I am sure Eden has no idea that he treated her like "a CP" and not a little girl.

mommy2twindaughters said...

That's a beautiful picture! Merry Christmas!

Kendra Lynn said...

Sweet girls...sorry about your Christmas "woes". We have some here, too. I thought Merry was having an asthma flareup, started giving her the usual breathing treatments, three times a day, and come to find out, she has sinusitis...oh joy. The treatments I was giving her were actually making it worse! The doc says that mom's with asthmatic kiddos very often confuse sinusitis with asthma.
Oh the joy of it all.

Hope your Christmas spirit picks up and is in full swing by Christmas Eve. Much love,


Anonymous said...

Maybe Santa should have asked for the newest copy of "Santa for Dummies".
The girls look maarvalous as usual!
Auntie Lisa is home and ready to play! :) Hope to see the beauties sometime over the holidays :)

Rachel said...

I know what you mean. I'm deaf so I get a lot of "tell her this" or "tell her that" when I could lipread and speak fine. I'm glad you're aware of it - it can create hurt feelings to feel "less than"... but I've learned that so many times it is unintentional. Nothing you can do but educate.

The girls look wonderful! Congrats... I couldn't get a pic of my son smiling on Santa's lap... he was a bit too freaked out, haha!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, Santa, that you aren't supposed to have HAD another job nor will you ever! you are ALWAYS Santa! He didn't mention his "other job" in hearing distance of the girls, did he?! :)

Anonymous said...

aw well Eden is cuter than ever! I cant believe santa...when i told Chloe this story she said shes going to write santa a letter telling him how mad she is! how cute!
ha we had to reset our tree too, dont worry, i was defineately frusterated as well
tell holland and eden hi and we hope santa brings them what they want:)
have a great christmas billie and john! you guys should get some "couple time!"
Merry Christmas!
Love Jenny

Anonymous said...

Eden and Holland look SOOOOOOO cute!!! Truly frickin' adorable really. Don't hold your breath for our Christmas card:). Much love, Jess

Anonymous said...

Note to Santa: Stick to the "ho ho ho's" and "marry Christmas".



Anonymous said...

Oops. I mean Merry Christmas.

Amy said...

That hurt my heart for you. The picture is adorable, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm an RN in a NICU in Boston and have been checking in on your girls for awhile now. I came across these and I thought of your little girl. Not sure if it's something she'd be interested in, but I thought they were kind of cool, and not a bad price either!

Allison said...

At least you got a great picture!

Sarah Furlough said...

Dumb Santa, beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

That Santa is like a million years old. I think ours and our childrens generation are more...what's the way to put it, they just "get it".

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Santa was a doofus but at least you got a great photo out of it. Your daughters are adorable!

Anonymous said...

i really don't get how anyone could avoid looking at eden directly. i almost couldn't wait on you and your husband because all i wanted to do was talk to her! of course, i couldn't hear anything she said, but that wasn't her fault. i have SUPER bad hearing. come and visit me at the track again soon! i need some more holland and eden time!

Shosh said...

Even though Im sure Santa wasnt trying to be rude it's sad to see the kind of ignorance that is out there. The picture is beautiful though!!

Sarah said...

I dread taking Emery out sometimes because someone ALWAYS has to ask 'what's wrong with him?' And I'm not going to bore you with all of my tales because they're pretty much the same as yours.

Perhaps Santa training should involve sensitivity training?

Kathryn said...

Oh goodness - Santa, as Karla said, isn't supposed to have had another job! Yikes - glad the girls did not pick up on that. "The Cp's" huh? Glad Santa learned a lot from that experience. Sheesh. I hate bringing Ellie to see Santa at the mall. Hate it. Luckily Santa comes to her school and is cool. The girls are adorable as usual. I hope Eden didn't feel deflated. Makes me sad to think of her practicing only to get sidelined. I think you are being tested. Not sure why though. Hopefully this is the last of it and back into the holiday spirit. BTW I also hum and sing the tunes day after Thanksgiving onward - Cheesy moms unite!

Ellen Seidman said...

Older men sometimes use language like "The CP's," I've had a couple say the same about Max. But that wasn't when Max was sitting on their lap for Christmas photos.

The girls looked great and, hey, at least you got some extra photos out of it.

Bird's Eye View Photography said...

Not only that but... "I used to work??" Is he TRYING to ruin it for the girls??

Anonymous said...

Uncle Jason will kick some Santa ***!!!!!

Holland & Eden look so cute.. : )

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

You did an excellent job with your tests! Wonderful role-modeling for the girls, too. Showing intense-offense to Santa would not have benefitted anyone.

(However, I'm sure a metaphoric 'kick' from Uncle Jason would give brief pleasure. chkl.)

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

omg, you better come back soon...i don't think i can live without your amazing girls. they are so awesome. i don't even know what to say! i don't want to seem like a crazy stalker person, but i would REALLY love the chance to hang out with them again.

they are amazing, amazing girls. i hope i get to spend some time with them soon: they made me so happy, you wouldn't even believe ir.

except, they're your
s, so i'm sure you know how awesome they are.

ashleyjnc said...

Aww! I know people can sure be insensitive some times :( I think this might be my first comment but I went back and read your blog from start to finish ! I knew the girls were okay but I still felt my heart race reading about sicknesses and hoping they would "be ok" knowing full well from pictures and the first glance at the front page.. how silly is that? They are so beautiful and amazing. They still look so tiny, both of them with Santa. Did the kids catch on that he referred to having a different job than "Santa" ???

Billie said...

No, they didn't catch on. In fact, I am pretty sure that he was referring to another "Santa" job!

Michele said...

I can see where you could get mad...its very personal, and yes, Santa should have known better..but he was probably trying to make conversation. She is so not a "CP", she IS a beautiful girl! Santa was probably having an off day. LOL.
Love the pictures! Your girls are getting so big! I've been following your blog from when they were just I have a micro preemie (had twins, but Nick passed 2 days after birth).
God bless you guys...You give me hope and encouragement. THANK YOU
Merry Christmas!

Alexandra Mikaela - Awareness Warrior said...

Now I make sure when I go in public that I'm always talking so I don't get people doing that to me. It's so agravating! Just because I'm in a wheelchair doesn't mean I can't talk! So then they decide that, no, I'm not mute, I'm a hyper-active blabber mouth! Ugh.

Anyways, my name is Alex, I'm 13, I just found your blog through a blog through a blog, and am subscribing to it! (sorry for the run-on!) I hope the rest of your Christmas went well!


winecat said...

UM, sounds like Santa needs some etiquette lessons but the pictures you got out of it are adorable!

Happy Holidays, can't wait to hear wait new accomplishments the wonder girls conquer this year!!!

liz.mccarthy said...

Merry Christmas Billie, thank you for your beautiful Christmas Card. I'm sorry to hear what Santa Said.... :(

Hope your holiday was fabulous!


Shannon said...

OK, beyond the "CP" crap (which is bad enough!) did he tell you about another JOB in front of the girls? Don't know about your H and E, but B and K sat on SANTA'S lap this year. You know, the one and only big man who is busy all year getting ready for Christmas! Don't go telling my babies your not the real thing, jeeze!