Monday, April 21, 2008

March for Babies!

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have already donated to support Team Holland and Eden as we walk to raise money for the March of Dimes! You guys ROCK!

The walk is just FIVE days away, and we've still got a long way to go to reach our goal. So please, help us out... Not only would it make ME so happy, your donation will be used by the March of Dimes to help fund research targeted at prevention of premature birth, and toward improving the care and long term outcomes for premature babies in the future.

If you are interested in joining us, you can sign up at the donation page. Details are available there as well, in regards to date, time, and place. If you are a blog reader, please stop by and introduce yourself! You won't be able to miss us:) We love meeting our preemie friends!


Anonymous said...

I was just looking thru your blog history the other day looking for that video!!! Its my favorite of all time. Thanks for reposting it! look for my donation tommorrow when I have my credit card info handy!

I love you and think of you and your family all of the time. You and John are very special people and I know you don't really like to hear this, but I think God very carefully hand picked Holland and Eden's parents. He had two very special babies that needed two very special parents. He believes in you and so do I. You guys are awesome!

I'm sorry about the b-day party at your sisters. I'm sure that when your brain makes those comparisons to other families--its an emotional day. I hate that you have to feel that way.

Lets get together soon and have a glass of wine soon. I can share some of my Ekhart Tolle's ego insight :)

Love you,

Sara S-M

Anonymous said...

Great video.
Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your walk. I added a little bit more to help you reach your goal. I remember when I was raising money for a walk to raise money for the autism sociey last year how much difficulty I had finding online donors.

twin power mommy ♥ said...

i have been checking out your page for quite a few weeks now. I tried to leave a comment the other day and blogger was down, so it deleted my comment.
My comment had to do with your raw feelings of how hard it is to have such preemie twins and all the difficulties that come with the territory. My twins were born at 25 weeks and they are now 6. I remember all too well the feeding issues, the NICU problems we endured, the growth problems. Fear of CP and Cystic Fibrosis. We had weekly visits from therapists because of slow development. It was all so NOT normal.
Fear of taking them out in public because one little cold would turn into an ER visit and hospitalization. It HAS gotten easier as the years have gone by. You begin to establish a routine that fits your family. Breathing treatments and special meds become just a part of your special life.
Some days it IS isolating. No one really knows how you feel because as much as they love you and care about the babies, they never experienced all the pain and heart ache that you went through. I remember those feelings.
I know that our babies were born with a purpose. There is a very REAL, loving God who wants to use their story for a much greater, wonderful purpose. Even greater than we could possibly imagine.
Hang in there. Stay strong. There will be days of frustration and there will be many, many days of joy (as i am sure you already know).
Have a great week. feel free to stop on by my page and leave a comment. God Bless!

Allison said...

Great video Billie! You should be proud of what you have achieved for MOD. So glad we could do this with you. Love you tons! Allison

Anonymous said...

good luck with the walk, I know it very important.