Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Early Gift

My little Eden made me so happy and proud today!

We've had a demo powerchair at our house for the past month. It is the same chair, the Koala, that we decided on and are in the process of ordering for Eden. The problem, up until today, was that Eden REFUSED to even sit in it. Holland loves sitting in it, and would drive it around the house and make it go up and down, but even after watching Holland, Eden said "NO WAY" when we asked if she wanted a turn. Every time we tried to push the issue she would cling to me like a little monkey and start crying. If I tried to get her in the seat, she would stiffen like a board, and a couple of times even held her breath until she turned blue. We had kind of backed off, and even decided to give the chair back for a while until she seemed a little more ready.

Holland took a little trip around the house today, and when we asked Eden if she wanted a turn she said "okay, my turn!" We put her in, and away she went!!!! After about 10 trips around the house, John asked her if she was done, and she said "NO WAY!" She probably took 20 trips around, and was very happy the whole time. Then later in the day she took another turn to show off for some of the family. When she was done she said, "that was fun!" It was SOOOOOO awesome and exciting! She totally gets it, and was very happy with her newfound independence. Now we just have to teach her how to steer before our walls are completely destroyed:)

She also spent some time playing the piano in her chair. I love the lift function, because at the lowest height she is eye-level with Holland, but the chair can lift up to reach the piano or a dining room table. Awesome. I can't wait until we get hers. It's going to be a while least 6 months.


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS news!! She looks great in it. I hope it brings lots more trips around the house in the coming year. YAY EDEN!

Anonymous said...

Hooray Eden! That is fantastic! Love, Kris

krissy said...

Billie, we had such a great time visiting with the family today. The girls are really doing so great! I loved the way Eden`s eyes would light up when she was watching the girls play, and Holly just interacted with everyone so well. Your girls are both truly very special individuals with each one having their own unique personality. I love them both, they are awesome. I hope everyone stays healthy through the holidays. Love and Prayers.
Love, Krissy Harper.

Anonymous said...


Eden, you've made another Mom very happy. (She looks great in the chair Billie)

Sarah Furlough said...

What a huge milestone for Eden! I am so proud of her!

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Anonymous said...

Go Eden!

My stepdaughter has had the adult version of the Koala (permobil c500 corpus)for about 1 1/2 years. Amy is 20, and has been in a power chair since age 4. This is by far the best chair we've had. Like Eden, she especially likes the up/down feature.

The only problem we have had is the swing arm that houses the stick/controls has a tendency to get bent. I can't tell you how many times my husband has hammered it back into shape!!

Keep up the great work Eden!!

Have a wonderful Christmas-


Melissa said...

That is so great! I am sure she will pick up the steering in no time.

Happy Holidays!

Also, just wanted to make sure Eden received the gift from Nathan in the CP groups secret santa. I hope she like it.

23wktwinsmommy said...

YAY Eden!
Merry Christmas Holland and Eden, and Billie and Jon of course!