Sunday, December 02, 2007

Silly Faces

Don't you love that one little thing you can actually get them to do on command??? They crack themselves up. Us too, of course:)


Kathryn said...

Too cute!!
I LOVE those faces!!!

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful, they really are...silly faces or not...if you don't mind me asking, what kind of CP does Holland have? I understand through reading your blog this is a painful topic, and i am sorry

Miracles said...

That is too cute!

Billie said...

Holland has mild hypotonic CP, with a mild left-sided hemiparesis. Basically this means that the tone in her muscles is low, so her body appears weaker than usual, especially on the left side.

Her developmental milestones have been delayed, and the quality of her walking/running/jumping is somewhat awkward. The CP is showing most obviously in her fine motor skills right now, and her hand strength is pretty weak, making writing, cutting, buttoning, etc. more difficult for her.

I don't think the CP will be a major issue for Holland in the long run. Overall, she is awesome, and has many, many qualities that will allow her to shine. She may never be a long distance runner, but I am sure she will find her niche!

mamashine said...

My mom always used to call that one my King Kong face. :) Cute.

Anonymous said...

Hey B, Eden looks even more like you in this picture than normal. hehe Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in my collection of digital photos I have a picture of my two young cousins making similar faces. We were at a resteraunt this summer and I decided to take some pictures of the kids. Instead of smiling nicely, they both did their "silly faces."

btw: My cousins are five and three.

I think all kids are cut from the same cookie cutter.