Monday, February 26, 2007

Chalkboard Mania


Kristin said...

I love the pics... so cute. I'm glad you posted some with Eden and her pony walker, I was curious how she was doing with it, but my curiousity has been appeased! She appears to be doing marvelous! The smiles on her face say it all.
I love the size of the chalk board too, thats perfect size for them!

Shai said...


I accidently stumbled accross your blog one day and have been reading it ever since. I have fallen in love with your gorgeous girls and love their zest for life. I love your positive attitude and can see your love for your children through your writing!

I have a lovely 5 year old and expecting my 2nd baby July2007 after 2 miscarriages and battling infertility.

I have gone through lowest of low points in my life but reading your blog always makes me smile and cheers me up!

You take care of your family and god bless your little darlings!


Angela said...

They are beautiful girls inside and out. I share your fears about the future and what the outside world will be like. Now that Jack's getting older (he turns FOUR on March 5th) I believe his disabilities are becoming more noticeable...I don't mind, but it does break my heart a little every time I think of it. I am officially one day more pregnant than I was when Jack was born at 25 weeks -- the range of emotions are wide!! Wow, I've rambled a bit, haven't I? LOL! I love the pics and your updates. Keep 'em comin'!!

louann said...

The Pictures are sooo cute! I especially liked the last one :)

Jennifer said...

you know whats funny? my neighbor has BOTH the same footie pj's! so funny!

Mel said...

I love the pics and am thinking I should get one of those giant chalkboards for Crew.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have ever considered home-schooling, but you sure would be good at it! You have WAY too much fun with those lovely girls! :-) Maybe you'll give it some thought depending on where they are in a couple of years...
Lori in FL

Anonymous said...

Just got your voicemail. I am unable to call you back because I don't have your phone number with me at home.
Sorry about the confusion, Eden's calendar must be in my packet for you from our last homevisit(the one when you had no heat).
Mary Jo, Kathy and I were at the EDHI conference today. You have a visit scheduled for next Thursday with Kathy.

Kellie said...


I love coming to your site and seeing Holland and Eden's beautiful smiles. The two of them light up my day. Thanks so much for sharing your girlies with the rest of is always a joy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie, (sorry this is a long entry)

We don't know each other, but I just read through your entire journal this weekend and all I can say is "can I meet you sometime?" You are truly inspirational! I was just thinking, what could I do for Billie to thank her for sharing such an amazing journey and helping all of us understand disabilities better. Your post on Starbucks made me think, maybe I should write to starbucks HQ, then I did a search and found this (see below)...looks like someone beat me to the punch. But this is in DC, and you said you wanted to get accesibility in I am going to write a letter tonight and will let you know the response I get. Thank you for sharing your girls with us. They are gorgeous!!


Starbucks slow to ADAPT
The disability advocacy group known as ADAPT has gotten Starbuck’s Corporation to promise that one of their shops in downtown Washington D.C. will be renovated and thereby become accessible to people with disabilities. Additionally the folks at Starbuck’s corporate HQ are promising better disability awareness from the Starbuck’s universe.