Monday, December 04, 2006

All Things Toddler

I thought I'd write a little bit about what the girls are up to right now in All Things Toddler. You know, like eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, sleeping...that sort of thing. Certainly not very exciting to many of you, but really right up my alley. When you are the mom of a toddler (or two), these things are fascinating. And if you have a kid who isn't doing things that are "developmentally appropriate," it might help to make you feel a bit better, cause we're right there with you!

Eating and Drinking: Ahhhh. My favorite topic. Not. I hesitate to say that we are doing better in this area, because I might jinx myself, but we ARE doing better.

The girls are still drinking 16-17 ounces of 27cal formula per day. This is a very expensive habit that I don't see us outgrowing any time soon. I do have a slight problem, because they are still drinking it in three bottles a day. Yes, BOTTLES. I have no idea how to break them of this, or if I should even try. The real goal is for them to drink it, and we have had no success in drinking milk out of a cup or straw. They will drink water, juice, pop, etc. from a sippy cup or straw very well, but if I try to sneak some formula in they are NOT having it. So, I really haven't forced the issue. I guess I should probably get motivated to work on this, but I just don't want to add any more stress to my life right now.

In addition to three bottles, the girls are also eating three meals a day. Breakfast is around 10, a six ounce bottle at noon, lunch around 3, a four ounce bottle around 4, dinner around 7, and 6-7 ounce bottles at 8:30ish, then bed. I know it seems like a weird schedule, but it's what works for them...and I've tried a LOT of different things. For example, just TRY to feed them breakfast before 10. They WON'T EAT! So, we just do what works.

Holland is definitely a fruit and veggies girl, like her daddy, while Eden is all about the carbs, like her mom. You'd think Eden would be a bit chubbier with her love for bread and doughnuts and ice cream, but you's not WHAT you eat, it's HOW MUCH of it you eat! They are doing better though, and with our many tricks they are slowing beginning to work up an appetite. Of course, they insist on a circus sideshow to eat anything, and although I was one of those moms that said I would NEVER do it, I do.

Peeing and Pooping: Everything is pretty normal in this regard. Holland's constipation issues have pretty much been resolved, and both girls are fairly regular. They are both taking Augmenten right now for double double ear infections, and boy does that bring on the poop. I changed four really nasty stinky diapers today. Okay...too much information I know.

The only thing I really wanted to mention on the peeing and pooping front was potty training. Haven't started and don't have any plans to. MAYBE when they are three. I'm hoping that eventually one of them will show some interest, but honestly they have NEVER complained of a poopy diaper. They would seriously sit in it for hours and not make a peep. I have a well trained nose, so luckily they don't have to. But really, how do you potty train a kid who doesn't care if their diaper is wet or dirty??? It'll be interesting to say the least.

Then with Eden there is the whole disability issue. She won't be able to take herself to the bathroom, or get herself on the potty, or even sit on the potty, blah blah blah. I don't want to worry about it now. I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it. I do know that eventually they will BOTH be potty trained. At this point I have no reason to believe otherwise.

SLEEPING: This is where my kids are stellar. Finally, I have something to BRAG about! Besides their insane cuteness of course...

They go to bed so easy now, and sleep all night. We have bottles in my bed around 8-8:30, then I put them in their beds around 9 and they go to sleep. Easy as pie.

Holland has been waking up in the morning around 8-8:30. Around noon she takes a 2-3 hour nap like clockwork. That's easy too. She finishes her bottle, I scoop her up, put her in her bed with a blankie and a teddy, and within minutes she is snoozing. She's such a sweetie about going to bed.

Eden prefers to sleep in in the morning and skip the nap. She often sleeps until 10-10:30 in the morning if I let her. If she sleeps in, she won't take a nap. That's kind of a bummer, cause I really enjoy nap time, but it's also kind of nice to have a couple of hours of Holland time in the morning, and a couple hours for Eden in the afternoon, when there isn't a jealous little sister trying to hog all the mommy time! On days I work, and get Eden up at 7:30, she does take a nap at Nana's house.

I've can finally say that I've gotten fairly comfortable in our routine. I'm not constantly worrying and second guessing every little thing I do. We're just plugging along slowly but steadily. The only nagging fear I have now in the back of my mind is that they will be 2 1/2 at the end of next month. Should I be working on these things, like getting rid of the bottles, and trying to potty train? Ugh. I like things the way they are. I'm comfortable. I know what I am doing. Why do they have to go and GROW UP on me now???


Anonymous said...

There's no rush. If they're not ready and you're not either, then just let it slide. The time will come, all too soon I'm sure, but it will. My son is the same age as your girls, and I constantly hear people telling me, "Oh, he should be doing this, why isn't he doing that..." He's still a baby for cripe's sakes! I'm in no hurry to push him into childhood any faster than he wants to. Enjoy these last few years. If only they could be babies forever!!


Nah, we'd want them to grow up EVENTUALLY. ;)

Love, Jill

Anonymous said...

that top picture is FANTASTIC. it makes me want to squeeze them both and join in the fun. miss you all and can't wait to hang out at christmas!!
love, lisa

Unknown said...

I just want to say that I love to read your blog b/c we have so much in common... our kids eat/sleep at almost exactly the same times (and about the same amount of food!) and take three bottles a day as well... You have such a good attitude, even when you are down. :) I admire you. *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Lovely update, your kids are gorgeous and you are one clever mommy.

Dont worry about the bottles!! They can give them up when they are four. That's what I've decided ;-) Who cares if they still drink milk from the bottle. My kids drink juice from a sippy cup but they want their bottle. Life is stressful enough without adding to it!

Re potty training. Well, yes. I have to start soon. It is easier in summer, which means I have to start thinking about it now (and which means you have at least another six months off!!!) Just spoke about this to my mom this morning. She says to let them walk around without nappies and as soon as they pee, grab the potty and catch the pee. Then you applaud loudly and make a big fuss. so that they associate peeing with the potty. So it is easier in summer.

How is it going with your tantrums? That is my real challenge now. Oh, and sleeping through the night. Oh heaven help me.

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie,
I am happy to hear you found a routine that works for you and the girls. Holland and Eden are usual! Don't fret about the bottle issue; many of the kids I babysit for have/had a botttle for a long time. One sippy cup that seems to ease the transition is this one: You can find them at Walmart, possibly even Kmart or Target. Good luck.

Emily Avey

Anonymous said...

My opinion - they are only 2 so don't worry about these little things yet. I have a neice that is 4 1/2 and she is only just fully potty trained and just gave up her bottle and she has no preemie issues. The time will come and all of this will happen for you but don't worry about getting it done sooner - sometimes later is better.

Kendra Lynn said...

Don't rush the potty-thing. Trust me...when they are ready, you'll just go with the flow, so to speak. :)
Merry wasn't potty-trained until she was three.
Kelsey was almost three.
ITs tough, but it will happen.
As for the bottles...who cares???
I drank from a bottle until I was 2 1/2....did it hurt me? I don't think so!


Kelly said...



kristin said...

I wouldn't worry about the bottles. When they start kindergarten and see no one else has one they will give it up all on their own! Love the pics!

Michelle said...

Love all the cute photos! I'd just leave the bottle thing alone. Especially since it's giving them the extra calories they need!

For potty training, don't worry. My 3 year old isn't even close. He wears pull ups, and goes on it every once in a while. I'd wait till after they turn 3. And even then it takes TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi- My girl is on the exact same food schedule! The only thing that bothers me is how that is going to fly once she starts preschool... There have been so many changes so far, I figure it will sort of happen. I hope.

I recently had the 2 year check-up with our pediatrician and he said that it is extremely common for kids to refuse milk out of anything but a bottle (not just preemies). As long as they are able use a sippy cup and straw, there is no concern (she has 2 milk bottles a day).

I bought a few fun potties and have put them around the house. She knows what they are for and pretend pees but refuses to use them for real. Maybe you could get them acclimated. I'm not pushing either, but when I do I'm going with the m&m method. One for pee, two for poo. So far, too much pushing "pisses" her off, so I figure by 3 things will be different if not sooner. -E

Anonymous said...

Atleast you don't have to worry about cleaning up the food they throw on the floor because I noticed Zippo is always close by in the pictures to clean it up. I luv the pics!! Luv Liz

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, don't even start worrying about potty training yet! I have a nearly 2 1/2 year old and the thought of him potty training is still far from my mind. Some kids show signs are ready at this age. My little man has not shown a single sign, so I'm not going to push it.

I did, however, push the issue when my now seven year old was two. I still have nightmares about the ordeal! Not really, but I'm suprised I don't. He was not ready and we had a power struggle over it until he was 3 1/2. One day he announced he was going to go use the potty. He did and that was it. I had stressed both he and I out over the issue when I really didn't need to.

Don't start worrying about it yet. They will let you know when they're ready.

I have to say Eden's smile brings a huge smile to my face everytime I see her pictures. Holland is, of course, adorable too! Eden's smile shows such a zest for life and excitement that is contagious! They're both so adorable.

Anonymous said...

hi there =) so nice to see updates on your twins...don't worry about them drinking milk from the bottle, my eldest gave up the bottle a few months after he turned four. i guess what is important is that they drink the right amount to fill their tiny tummies and keep them healthily growing. A lot of people told me that potty training will come naturally so don't worry about it.
i love their pictures =)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going great with your schedule: you and the girls are comfortable, so it's perfect for your family!

Re: bottles, don't change unless the speech/language people have a concern. Practise using straws rather than sippy cups - that strengthens the lip-rounding muscles needed for speech, and doesn't allow too much tongue thrust. Our kids had speech delays and we had to switch from sippies to straws or open cups.

Re: potty training, we didn't even start until our triplets were three, and it took until they were nearly 4 to be trained - our girls were not interested. Preemies and micro-preemies are not likely to be early potty trainers. Forget about it for a while, and ask for help from the OT and PT people when they are 3.

No worries - be happy, and have fun with the holiday season!


Amy said...

I have some of the same worries--mine are now 18 months and drink all day long out of the sippy cup, but I still give them their bedtime bottle. It's more a matter of me KNOWING that it works to lull them to sleep for a 12 hour stretch. I know I've got to get rid of it soon. Maybe that can be my New Year's resolution.

I'm fascinated by babies that stay up until 8:30/9:00. Mine are throwing tantrums if I let them get to 6:15. On the one hand, it leaves me plenty of time to get things done in the evenings, but on the other, I only get 2.5 hours with them every day after work.

Allison said...


The bottle thing - Janie (my non-preemie) never took milk out of a bottle and still will not drink it! I give the boys entirely too much milk because I feel guilty that my daughter will not drink it. The Dr. told me when she was 7 mths old to start putting it in a cup so that she doesn't think that the white stuff only comes out of bottles. Guess what? I didn't follow instructions.

We take vitamins now and and drink juice with calcium. She does do it on cereal!

Don't be suprised if it never happens. The formula is more important than whether they are on bottles or not!

Potty training? Right...Can't someone else do that part for us? In time, no hurries.

Allison said...

I meant she never took it out of a cup - oops!

Sarah said...

What goofball girls you have. Love it!

The bottles ain't gonna kill 'em. If that's what it takes to get the calories into them, that's what it takes. No biggie. And potty training, well... they'll get there. Shoshanna's best friend is almost 3 and, last I had a potty conversation with her mom, was also showing ZERO interest in potty training. *shrug* It'll happen when it happens.

Your routine sounds downright blissful to the mom of the kid who won't sleep past 7:30 EVER. (On the other hand, she very rarely stays up past 8, so we have our evenings to ourselves...)

Anonymous said...

The pics are great. Both of your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

If you figure out the bottle thing, I'd love to hear it. Sarah drinks everything else out of a sippy except her formula. I'm getting pressure from my family about having the bottles go away but it really soothes her. So I'm not ready yet either.

liz.mccarthy said...

OK, it's been quite a while since I checked in with you, H & E are beautiful!!! Just wanted to say I was thinking of you, it's 1 am, and I'm procrastinating wth my nightime ritual of IV pole, night time pump and diaper change....Love to all of you guys!

Ariane said...

I wouldn't push the issue (either of them). It will only add undue stress and when they are ready they will let you know.

RE:Potty If they are showing no intrest it is best not to force it, if you do you'll just have a powerstruggle on your hands and it will take LONGER.

RE: Bottle, pretty much the same advice when they are ready they will get rid of it themselves.

BTW, those are two very adorable lil girls you have=) Love seeing pictures of them.

Anonymous said...


I need to remind you of your new mantra, "I will worry about that later", remember?

I love all these pictures. They both look so grown up.


Anonymous said...

Darsie is still drinking from a bottle at night and sometimes in the morning. She gets one after dinner that we will refill until she goes to bed and she isn't sleeping very well through the night stll (she did last night though, jinx!) so she gets one during the night and if I can't hide it from her before morning, she gets one in the morning (wow, how was that for a run-on sentance).

I love hearing about your girls because we are right there with Darsie, too. I love hearing about the preemie babies, but I LOVE hearing about the preemie toddlers.

Your girls are absolutely beautiful and your must be the proudest mama in the world.

Anonymous said...

the bottles are probably their "woobies" know, their comfort. Let them have them and when they dont need them they'll put them down. If they were thumb suckers would you cut off their thumbs??????? They're fine. The sleep..........lucky you, Alex is almost 16 (yes my baby is soon to be 16!) and he still doesnt sleep through a night. The reality of the matter is that they are individuals born to be exactly what God intended them to be.......and man are they good at it from all I hear and the looks of things from this viewpoint. Leave them to grow into themselves. "should" never did anything but made everyone feel bad about things, you know!!! Love ya guys lots and always think and pray for you and am very proud of your approaches to the obstacles in life. And remember.........its not disability........its diffability. They will just do things differently. If they got just an inkling of your tenacity (AKA: STUBBORNNESS)they'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there is really no rush every disabled and abled child grows at there own rate if the bottles and diapers are right at the moment then thats just fine also health wise bottles in sted of dehydration is much safer. As id diapers to built up waste.Remeber you girls are still just babies also they where born up to 15 weeks to early so they really should not be expected to live up to the advrage 2 1/2 year olds milestones. Your girls are beautiful and doing amazing an so are you and your husband keep doing what your doing and the babies will let you know when they're ready to reach that new mile stone! And plus every parent wants that extra bottle and cuddle time so soak it up and don't rush it beacuse it will be gone soon then you know. So enjoy it while you have it! God bless.