Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa Spent Too Much Money!

Holland and Eden slept in this morning until 10:00! I have to enjoy it now, because by next year they will probably be up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa brought.

Santa really did take it easy this year, and didn't buy TOO many gifts. Mostly because he knew that Holland and Eden would be so spoiled by their family (which they were), and because they are still too young to really comprehend the whole Santa and Presents thing. Even so, Santa still spent too much money.

Holland opened her gifts and picked out two little pieces of her Playdoh set to carry around the rest of the morning. Eden first opened a matchbox airplane from her stocking, then didn't want to put it down to open more gifts. The second thing she opened was a tube of three little plastic Sesame Street characters. Her airplane went flying, she grabbed Elmo and Zoe, and refused to put them down the rest of the time! Holland had to open all her presents for her, and Eden wasn't the least bit interested. She sure loves Elmo and Zoe though. Woulda cost Santa about $3!

At my mom's house this afternoon Holland and Eden opened the Little People Farm. Holland was SO excited and said " it" and Mommy couldn't resist, so I opened it. She and Eden both started playing and didn't want to open any more presents! They would have been perfectly content if that had been all they got!

I think it might be a good idea to save some of their presents in the box, and get them out one at a time over a couple of months. That was we can extend the play time, and get more mileage out of some of their toys. I find that the toys I keep put away, and only bring out once in a while, are enjoyed a lot more than those they have available all the time.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year. It's so fun for me to see my girls growing up loving their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We are so lucky to have two big, kind, loving, loud, crazy families to spend the holidays with. I love them all so very much!


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I did! The kids got so many presents that I stopped giving it to them after a while. We didn't even open the last half. They got stacks and stacks of presents. And like yours, after the first present they were so excited, they weren't even interested in opening more. I will take them out one a week or so. And we have their birthday coming up in two weeks time! More presents!

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing last year when my daughter was two. We took the last thing out of the box in May, I think. She didn't ask for it until then, and was perfectly happy playing with stuff one at a time.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!! I'm glad it was a good day!

Last year we put some gifts aside for later use. We are doing the same this year.

Anonymous said...

ppy christmas hope santa brought eveything that holland and ede wanted

Anonymous said...

Mine did the same thing with that Little People Farm, too bad we opened that one first...didn't even pay much attention to the TMX Elmo...