Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Messy Faces

It's not Mono, and Eden is starting to feel better. She did pull a breath holding spell during PT yesterday. I think she's starting to notice that it works to get her out of doing things she doesn't like... Bad News!

Holland is saying "Thank You" all the time now when you give her something. She'll ask for a "chippy", and when I give her one she says "chankoo." How cute is that?

Ugh. I am turning 30 on Thursday and I have to go back to work next week. Ugh.

That's it...just some random thoughts for today, and some cute pics to post.


Anonymous said...

Good news for Edie! They both look like they're having fun, as always!
Embrace 30 sweetie...it's not so bad, it's the 50's and so on that make ya wanna scream!
Sending wishes for a wonderful birthday!!
Love, Jules

Anonymous said...

Glad that Eden is on the mend. They sure are cute, cute, cute!!!! I'll be calling on your birthday and wishing I could attend the celebration. Liz, you'll have to let me know if there are any "parking lot" contests! Lots of love to you my thirty year old beauty! Jess

Billie said...

It's extremely unfortunate that Liz isn't coming:( However, if there are any parking lot escapades, your hubby has already requested that I send the pics to his email address. He says you check it regularly???

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday! Hope your 30th year is filled with much live & happiness! The girls look absolutely adorable. Glad Eden is doing better.

Anonymous said...

So glad they are feeling better. Are they eating better? Missing you like crazy. Love ya 30 ain't so bad dear, Just wait!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy birthday, Billie. I don't think 30 is so bad. I just turned 29, and was so depressed, but I think that next year won't be so bad for me. You don't look 30! :)
I'm glad Edie is feeling better.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear it's not mono! They are so super cute!!! I'm right behind you with turning 30. I think I'll be in a bit of freak out mode when it's a bit closer. Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

A few months back you asked everyone to sign-in and tell you how we came to your site. After wanting to sit down and write this I finally have a quite evening to do just that. I can remember seeing your girls in the nicu at St Joes. That's because my little guy spent 10 days in there right across from them from sept. 17-27. After he went home I always wondered how the other babies were doing. Then one day at an eye appt for my older son at Dr. Tischs office I mentioned to the receptionist that I saw her at the hospital doing eye exams on preemies. She told me that they were daughters of her friend, you. She gave me your blog to see how they are and I have been hooked ever since. I check it all the time and love to see all the cute pics and read about their progress. Thank you for making this site. I only wish I could put this much time into a site for my boys.

Anonymous said...

ahh, my little darlings! they are so lovely. happy birthday lady! welcome to the club. it's actually not so bad... now, instead of being on the old end our 20s, we are the young end of the 30s. it's all in how you look at it...:) love you, love you.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, i want parking lot pics too!

Anonymous said...

Love you, Kim

Kim said...

It's been a while since I have checked in on you all, but Eden and Holland look great! I hope Eden is feeling better soon--poor sweetheart. I hate it when they have viruses and there is nothing we can do for them :( Anyway, happy 30th Billie--I'll be consulting you in a few months about how to make the leap to 30 gracefully!