Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back to Work

Just in case you were wondering where we went...I'm back to work! Last Tuesday was my first day and things have been pretty hectic around here trying to work out a new routine. I'm lucky to be able to work part time, 2 1/2 days a week, and my new director has been very flexible in allowing me to work out my own schedule. I will be working Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and half days on Friday. I had originally wanted to work Mondays instead of Tuesdays but I just found out yesterday that Eden's follow up programming and auditory-verbal therapy sessions will be on Monday mornings, so it actually worked out well. Eden's cochlear implant will be activated on Halloween! I admit that I am really starting to get stressed out about the impending surgery. I have been thinking about it a lot, lying awake at night worrying and making up horrifying stories in my head. I'm sure that going back to work right now really isn't helping my anxiety level. I normally wouldn't consider myself a worrier, but apparantly I internalize more stress and anxiety than I am cognitively aware of. My body has funny little ways of letting me know when things aren't right (stress induced rashes, cold sores, weight loss). Unfortunate that these just end up adding to my stress! I could really use some therapy but I don't know when I would fit it into my schedule. Maybe I should get a massage or something.

Now let's get to some fun news... Holland has added a new sound to her ever expanding repertoire...the mmmmm. She now says ma, and even mama pretty consistently. Even before dada, haha! Holland is also learning to exert her will more, and has taken to throwing things and hitting the bottle out of our hands when she doesn't want it. She has also decided that she doesn't want to eat anything that she can't put in her mouth herself. We added in an evening meal of finger foods. Last night the girls had small pieces of broccoli, cheese, and apple on their trays. Holland sat in her seat and ate every bit of it, as happy as could be. She doesn't want a thing to do with baby food. Eden has become quite the little bird lately when it comes to eating. She will open her mouth wide for every bite, loves all the same finger foods as Holland, and loves baby food. She doesn't quite have the coordination to pick up little pieces of food to feed herself but she loves trying. She does well munching on a larger piece of bread, a celery stick, or an apple slice because she can hold on to them easier and get them to her mouth. Lately Eden has gotten much better at rolling to both sides while she is playing with her toys on the floor.

It is really fun to see the girls unique little personalities emerge. While they are both really sweet, good-natured babies, they are very different. Both love being around people. Holland is very analytical and stares and stares when she meets someone new, always trying to figure things out. Eden is more social, smiling and interacting more with new people. She has a more goofy sense of humor and just seems to "get" our jokes. I would say, in general, Holland seems to be more introverted and Eden is more extroverted. It is so interesting to see how they are interested in different toys, find different things funny, and relate to us and other people so differently. I'm just loving getting to know them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Billie,
I have been reading about the girls for a year now, but I never posted a comment. I am a pre-med student Wayne State University in hopes of one day becoming a neonatologist. Holland and Eden are such cuties! I would love to meet you guys one day.

Emily Avey (Karen Avey's daughter)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, this post made me a little sad. PLEASE try to make some time for yourself and to take care of yourself. Ten million times easier said than done, I know. Aren't the girls looking so grown up!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

Billie: Glad to hear from you. I hope you find a medium and stop stressing over things you cant change. I am a huge stresser too so it is easier said then done.

Love to hear the updates on the girls. They are getting so big.

And yes take time out and go get a massage.

Who is watching the girls while you are working?

Anonymous said...

'internalizing stress,' 'cognitively aware,' 'introverted and extroverted,' yep, sounds like your back to work. its mumu season!

Seriously though, your post was a little sad. I do worry about you and how much you can handle. Please know that you are the very best mommy for those girls and they NEED you to be healthy and happy. So if you won't do it for yourself do it for the girls. Go get a massage, schedule one every two weeks and make taking care of yourself a priority!! AND FOR GOD SAKES EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

With each new posting I read, I think that your girls couldn't get any cuter! You always prove me wrong! The pics are great. Keep them coming!
It's amazing to me how much Eden looks like Mommy, Uncle Nick and Aunt Kimmy! And Holland looks so very much like her Daddy.
You'll be in our prayers for the upcoming surgery. If there is anything I can do to help with "chores" or "running errands" or "just lending a hand", please let me know.

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm so glad to see how well the girls are doing. :)
They are so very precious.

As for you, take some time out for yourself! I agree with everyone else, you definitly deserve a massage! Do it and enjoy it. :)

Take care and enjoy being back to work.


Anonymous said...

I'm a mother of twins and I read your blog because I find your family truly inspiring. I read other blogs and have never felt the urge to comment on a single one of them but I just wanted to say to hang in there. Take that much-needed time for yourself! And if you're feeling low, think of all the people out here in blogland who admire and respect you from so far away.

Anonymous said...

hi guys! i have to say, i love getting to them too...they are not only beautiful, but so interesting and charming. bill, i know that it must be hard for you right now, adding work into your already busy schedule. please though, like everyone has said, take care of yourself!! EAT! EAT! EAT! i think liz needs to come over so you can walk to coldstone, or bring you some other yummy, fatty treats. give me a call when you have a chance. big kisses and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Mamma Jules here...Billie honey you have to take some time for Billie..(you know I know what I'm talking about!) Even if it's an hour of uninterupted you time, you need to do it faithfully, crash and burn is not something you want to do. The girlies are beautiful as always, and amazing! They are getting so big! Can't wait to see them again, in the meantime big smooches all the way around. Love, Mamma Jules

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I had a lovely time Friday night with you and your family! I completely understand all the work it takes with feeding, changing diapers, bottles, the list goes on... but we were able to fit in a yummie Thai dinner and Coldstone to top the night off! What was your dish-peanut butter, chocolate, banana fluff? Call us so we can do that more often. I'd hate to have Eden grow up thinking "stranger danger" everytime she sees me. Can you imagine if she heard my laugh?! Hee, hee.... I also agree with everyone else, spoil yourself too and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. It's hard to know how to give that helping hand without direction at times. Whatever...if you need a pot of soup, someone to take Zippo for a walk, help with cleaning or organizing, or a sitter for a few hours! Just call! Love you, Donna