Saturday, June 25, 2005

So Funny

I just think this is hilarious, so I wanted to share. This is how I found Holland sleeping a few nights ago. I had to wake John up to come look and of course we took pics:)


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! I can tell you this, it's cute to look at, but very trying to share a bed with babies or toddlers. I've been kicked in the tummy many times. Not to mention socked in the face. You guessed it. . .Katie. She was always the "physical" child. Well anyway, your girls are growing so quickly and, as I said before, enjoy each stage. It won't be long until they will be in another.

Anonymous said...

Wow....Sounds like Holland is quite a wild sleeper. That's how Kelsey is . We are never quite sure how we will find her in the morning! :)
My mom's right...Katie was the one who hit her in the face....I was much too good for that kind of behavior!
Love you guys.