Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fashion Show

I've been promising a post about this for a while, so here it is! On June 2nd the girls were in a fashion show titled "Fashionable Growth" put on by the Family Advisory Board at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital to raise money for the NICU. We participated with other families who spent time in the NICU, as well as some of our favorite doctors and nurses.

The girls wore really cute "Yummy Sets" by Keedo, and of course looked totally adorable. Eden was still getting over her ear infection and had only been on antibiotics for a couple of days, so she was tired and pretty out of it. Holland, on the other hand, was in a great mood, kicking and smiling at everybody who talked to her.

While we were on stage, the MC read a short story about our babies' NICU stay. H and E were the youngest participants in the show, but there was a 2 or 3-year-old girl there who weighed only 15 ounces at birth, and a 17-month-old boy who was born at 23 weeks, and weighed 1 pound 5 ounces (like Eden). It was very inspiring and a lot of fun. We love any opportunity to show off our sweetie pies!


Kendra Lynn said...

John and Billie:
The girls looked adorable! :) Sounds like you had a good, inspiring time. I'm glad. :)
I'll be over soon to see the girls..or maybe we can just meet at Coldstone. :)
Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhh how cute! Holland looks like she is going to be a social butterfly after all! I hope Eden's feeling better with the ear infection..she looks like she was a little trooper anyway...I always love peeking in to see what they're up to! Smooches all around, Love, Mamma Jules