Thursday, August 26, 2004

Roller Coaster

Other families that we've talked to, as well as the doctors and nurses, have described this experience as a roller coaster ride. Boy, isn't that the truth! We continue to be thankful that each "down" has been followed by a new "up". This has been especially true over the past couple of days.

I got a phone call from the doctors at Children's Hospital yesterday morning at 7:30am saying that Holland was very sick and that I should come to the hospital to be with her. Around midnight following her surgery she took a turn for the worse and was having a lot of difficulty maintaining her blood pressure. She also had very high levels of CO2 in her blood, was not producing any urine, and a respiratory culture indicated that she had another bacterial infection. They began treating her with blood pressure medications, antibiotics, and greatly increased ventilator settings. Many of the symptoms that she had were similar to those that Eden had and she responded very similarly to treatment. Throughout the day yesterday she began to show signs of improvement. Today she actually had a very good day, all things considered. Her blood gasses were much better and they were able to wean her vent settings back down. Her urine output was back to where it should be and one dose of hydrocortisone yesterday worked to improve her blood pressure. She also got her chest tube out and appeared much more comfortable. She should be able to return to St. Joe's tomorrow morning if all goes well. Each day I am totally amazed by what a strong little girl Holland is. More than one doctor has commented that even when she is very sick, she doesn't act sick! She continues to move around and gives her nurses quite a hard time when they mess with her. I hope that she'll always be the kind of person who makes her needs known!

Today was an incredible day for Eden and they saved a great surprise for us at St. Joe's when we got there this evening. Eden was on CPAP!!!! She was doing a great job breathing on her own, and she looked so cute in her little helmet. She had been on it for about 6 hours when we were there and her blood gas at 9:30 was as good as it had been on the ventilator. They'll be keeping a close eye on her for 24 hours to make sure she can maintain it, but even if she is only on through the night she has made a lot of progress. I held her tonight and got to hear a couple of little squeaks. As her throat heals we'll be able to hear her more and more. I am looking forward to some lusty cries someday, and even to the day when I just wish she would be quiet!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing the little things in life that make us happy...the little squeek. I am sure you are cherishing every moment you can hold them. Your family picture is great. I love reading all the updates on the twins and I am glad that there are improvements everyday!! I look forward to seeing them again when I go back to work this weekend, I sure have missed seeing them. J

Anonymous said...

Dear Billie:
I almost cried when I read your newest posting...this website is incredible, I check it every day to find out how your precious children are doing. I thank God that you are seeing little miracles each day...I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

What strong little girls you have! I remember another little girl who was just as fiesty! (think they may have inherited it?)haha! I'm just amazed every day when I check in to see what's happening and hear they have beat another obstacle! They ARE two very special little girls. Know that we are here with you every day. Love to you all. Mama Jules