Tuesday, August 10, 2004

PDA Blues

Based on today's echocardiogram Dr. Weiner tells us that Eden's ductus is still open (PDA). It appears that the 3 rounds of indomethacin helped to make it smaller but it did not close all the way. She will have to have surgery to have a clamp put into place. We were so hopeful that it would close. No such luck. For some reason they don't do the surgery at St. Joseph so she will have to be transferred to either U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor or Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Dr. Weiner says that there are really good doctors at both but that he believes it would be wiser for her to go the short distance to U of M instead of a long ride out to Detroit. For the ride over they will have to take her off the oscillator and put her back on the conventional ventilator which she did not do so well on. We agree that the shorter trip seems like a better idea even though she may not be able to be transferred back. I guess U of M likes to keep them whereas Children's always sends them back. This is somewhat disheartening as we really don't want to separate the girls. We will see what happens. Hopefully after the surgery on Thursday she will be able to come back. Although Holland may be joining her shortly if the drugs don't work to close her PDA.


Anonymous said...

HI proud parents! I am a social worker at St. Joe's, I cover for the usual staff on the weekends and vacations...I was orienting the other day on the Mother/baby unit and was introduced to Holland and Eden...what precious little girls! The RN informed me of this site, so I decided to check it out. What a great effort on your part! this site could be so helpfult other prospective parents who may be facing similar situations. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck, as well as the girls! I'll be thinking of you all as you progress toward the girls' discharge.

Mindy Foster, MSW

Charisma @Preemies And Me said...

My preemie went through the same thing. She had to have surgery to close the valve. The worst 20 mins of my life!

Charisma @Preemies And Me said...

The same thing happened to my preemie. She needed to have the surgery to close her heart valve. The longest 20 mins ever! and she did terrible the day after. I really thought I was going to lose her.