Thursday, August 02, 2012

36 weeks...and loving it.

Lest I forget, I want to document here that beginning at about 27 weeks...once the nausea and exhaustion passed (around 14 weeks), and the anxiety over having another micropreemie passed...I have enjoyed every single moment of this pregnancy.  I love, love, love my round tummy, and I savor every second of feeling my little one squirming and rolling, and kicking inside of me.  I feel more beautiful and energetic than ever.  I have an overall feeling of well-being and at times almost giddy elation.  I am sad that my pregnancy is ending.  I know I will love my sweet baby, but man...I am going to miss that tummy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're getting to experience this part of pregnancy! After going into preterm labor while carrying twins at 25 wks and holding on in the hospital until 33 wks, I was soooo nervous when I got pregnant again! I, too, was loving my big round belly right up until I had baby #3 at 37 wks! Enjoy! And also enjoy the glorious feeling of rocking one single healthy baby to sleep! I loved it so much I hardly ever wanted to put my newborn down ;)