Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yes, we have done it. We closed on our new house on May 25th. The girls finished up kindergarten. We packed up 10 years and 2 kids and moved. We became landlords when a new family moved into our old house on July 1st. Then, on July 10th, with a garage still full of unpacked boxes, we packed again and headed out of town for another 4-week summer camp at the Conductive Learning Center for Eden. The house we stayed in last summer was not available, so we are at a hotel this time. It's definitely pricier, so we are planning to head home on the weekends to save money. This is good on the one hand, because I will be able to get a little more unpacking done at the new house, but bad on the other hand because we are doing So. Much. Packing.

Camp is going really, really great, and we are actually having a nice time. Holland is doing her own day camps over the next few weeks to keep her busy with something fun and productive to do. This week she did "Clay Everyday". The kids made sculptures out of sand clay, chocolate clay, fruit scented clay, and glitter clay. She has brought home some really great projects and is really excited about making a new friend. Next week she is going to a gymnastics camp (same as last year), and she is super-excited about that as well.

I have been hitting the gym with a vengeance, and it feels GREAT for both my body, and my spirit.

This year is definitely easier because we know where everything is and have been able to settle into a routine a lot more quickly. Eden is happier because she is in a class with older kids (she is the youngest). Last year she was with the 3-6 year old group. There was a "crier" in her class (he was very sweet, but had a hard time adjusting), and it made it a lot more stressful for Eden. She did well, but even now remembers last year as being really "loud." A lot of this has to do with the fact that she has one cochlear implant, and it is a lot harder for her to hear in environments with a lot of background noise. This year the kids are older (6-8 years, I'd guess), and the overall setting seems a lot more calm, quiet, and organized. Eden is enjoying the fact that it seems like "school" and she is learning at the same time she is "exercising." Her class theme this year is "Have you ever wondered?" The kids are learning unique facts about animals, science, and nature. She has been super excited to go to class every day, and has a lot of information to share at the end of each day. She is also working hard, with a LOT of practice standing and walking. Today she walked out of class with her walker, and it was the best I ever saw her walk.

We really miss the "cheese house," but the pool at the hotel has been a major hit...especially because I have been able to master my technique at taking both kids (both who are non-swimmers, and one who is a non-walker and precarious sitter) to the pool by myself safely. It takes a great deal of patience, planning, stamina, and confidence (I often have an audience), but we've got it down now, and it's a blast.

These girls of mine, they keep me on my toes, but they are so cute and funny and cool that they make everyday brighter.

Here's just one example of why...

Eden's school, CLC, is affiliated with the PETO institute in Hungary. Several of the conductors for the program come from Hungary to work at the school. Two of the Hungarian conductors are in the United States for the very first time this summer. I was telling Eden about this yesterday. The conversation went like this:

Billie: It must be interesting for them to visit the US for the first time. It is very different here than in Hungary.
Eden: Well, do they have a sun?
Billie: Yes, they share the same sun as us.
Eden: Do they have ground?
Billie: Yes, they have a ground.
Eden: Do they have green grass?
Billie: Yes, I am sure they have green grass.
Eden: Well, do they have green trees?
Billie: Yes, they have green trees.
Eden: Well then, what's different? It sounds the same to me!

Oh they make me laugh!!


Cary said...

Your girls are just so adorable! Sounds like you are having a very busy, but productive summer!

We love CE too, but only manage to do one week at a time, but hopefully someday we'll be able to do bigger chunks.

And way to go...taking both girls to the pool on your own! That's awesome!

Kristine said...

What a great happy to see you're all doing so well!

How are things going on the eating front? I still have to feed Katie almost all of her food or she doesn't eat nearly enough. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Did they finish up kindergarten at their old school or their new school?

Melissa said...

Are you guys in Grand Rapids? I will be in Grand Rapids the 24-26. Staying at the Amway....want to get together either SUnday or Monday evening...I have training during the day...Call me!

Danielle said...

I think the world would be a better place if more people could adopt Eden's worldview. She cracks me up. :)

Billie said...

They finished kindy at their old school. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post with lots of positive news! Enjoyed catching-up on your family. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Holland and Eden.

Sydney, Kathy and June