Monday, December 20, 2010

Visit with the Big Man

Holland asked Santa for Jessie and Woody from Toy Story 3. Eden asked for the Magic Rise Oven to use in her pink cupcake making factory. I bet they will get what they wish for. They have been really good girls this year!


M and B said...

Wow, I just stumbled across your site as I am up trying to keep our two babies asleep. We had a micro-preemie, last year. As I read through your blog, it gives me hope to know there is light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Our babies are so worth it.

Monica said...

I just found your blog too and it's really helping me. In April we adopted a little girl, Libbie, from Russia who was born 10 weeks early. We know NOTHING about the 6 weeks she spent in the NICU tho that is not very long so we have to assume things went okay for her there before being moved to the orphanage for the rest of the first 18 months of her life. She turned 2 September 29th. She's quite delayed in lots of ways and of late I'm suspecting some CP tho we'll never know the root of her issues because there's also the high likelihood of fetal-alcohol effects and she has a small chromosomal anomaly as well. Some days she seems intellectually challenged yet she is learning the ABCs and knows sounds the letters make too as well as shapes and she's saying about *maybe* 50 words independently. She gets Speech and OT therapy and was getting PT but we thought she didn't need it anymore when she started walking at 22 months. Now I'm seeing some gate issues so we are getting a new eval soon. I was reading back on your posts of when your girls were two and what they were doing at that age. Libbie is doing much of the same so that gives me hope! Thank you!

Sarah Pope said...

Wow! You're girls have grown up so much!!! I've just finished reading all of your posts (from the beginning) and it's truly amazing the progress they have made. They are so beautiful (and are beginning to look more like each other, don't you think?)
I happily recommended this site to a friend of mine who had a micro preemie at 23 weeks. It really does give hope to those of us who have had our own special little babies.
So glad that you have your beautiful Christmas miracles!

The Preemie said...

I wanted to know that I came across your blog and that you definitely carry an inspiring story. We have placed you on our website for other Preemie Parents to find you. Here is the url:.

Thanks again for all you do. I as a parent of a 30 weeker enjoy reading stories from other parents, it truly heals the heart.