Thursday, November 04, 2010

Conversation at Bedtime

John and I were chatting with the girls tonight before bed, and the conversation went something like this...

Me:"You guys are so great, I am so lucky to have two such sweet girls. I love you to pieces!"
Eden: "Yeah, you thought you were only going to have one baby and you got two!"
Me: "That's right, surprise!"
Eden: "Well, you could have had three...what's that called when you have three?"
Me: "It's called triplets."
Holland: "Yeah, I say that a lot. I wish you had triplets because then I would have someone to play with when Eden won't play with me."
Eden: "Yeah, we should have two sisters and a brother!"
Me: (Chuckling) "Yeah, that would have been GREAT..." (With sincerity) "But we were lucky to have just twins, because not everybody gets a twin sister to play with at all."
Eden: "Well, I think you should have two sisters and a brother BABIES!" (implying that I should have triplets NOW.) Thinks for a minute..." But then you would have to get married again."
Me: (Laughing) "You are right about that! I would have to get married again if I wanted to have triplets!"
Daddy: "But would you want Mom to get married again?"
Eden: (adamantly) "NO!"
Daddy: "Why not?"
Eden: (looking at me) "Because you fell in love with HIM."
Me: "You are right. I am in love with him."
Both girls smile happily.
Me: "Why do you think I fell in love with him?"
Eden: "Because he is really cute."
Holland: "Because he is HOT."

ROFL. These girls of mine. They really make me laugh.

(Pics are from our trip to Michigan's Adventure on the girls' birthday. Just came across them again and think they are cute:))


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That is too funny!

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They are SO adorable! I love you guys!

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Too funny!!!