Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Perfect Fall

Holland is a riot to search for a pumpkin with. She is always looking for Spookley (the Square Pumpkin, in case you were wondering). She wanted one that was as square as we could find...a certain size too...and kept changing her mind over and over. She did eventually find one that fit the bill.

Eden still has the same reaction to these goats that she did the very first time we visited this orchard:-) Love it!

And this is my prized pumpkin. We saved seeds from one of our pumpkins last year and planted them in our garden this spring. It was our first time venturing to grow pumpkins. We got three great ones, but I love this one particularly...warts and all!


Anne said...

Nothing better than a Spookly pumpkin or a pumpkin with a few warts!

Anonymous said...

Did the goat say "boo"?

Your pumpkin is beautiful! Barbara

Anonymous said...

That's great! It is your grand-pumpkin! We always have baby pumpkins from last year's jack-o-lantern coming up in the garden from the compst, but the slugs always seem to get them, or they make blossoms but no fruit... So congratulations! Rikita

The Hull Munchkins said...

Too cute! I love Eden's chair. What kind of vehicle do you use? Abby (my dd- fmr 23 wkr) just got a new wheel chair this fall and it is very heavy. My back is killing me as I type. We are attempting to install a lift but hoping for a wheel chair accessible van in the future... to expensive for now.

We are always curious to learn how other families with chairs deal with transportation. Thanks!

Billie said...

We love Eden's chair too. It has been really great for her. I can't believe she has had it almost 2 1/2 years now! We got a Kneelvan conversion through Freedom Motors to transport the chair. We actually got very lucky and were able to buy a used one that was in "like new" condition. Before that we were using a portable ramp to load it into the back of my Ford Freestyle and it was very bulky and difficult to do. I could not do it by myself. Now it's really easy and we take the chair everywhere:-)