Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Give Me A Pee!

I think I see a light at the end of the pee pee tunnel!

Today is day 3 in panties for Eden and I think we are making some forward progress! It's a little bit hard for me to get too excited about potty training, since I've been at it for close to 3 years now, but I am definitely thinking this might be it.

On Day 1 she peed 13 times in 7 hours, with only 2 accidents.

On Day 2 she peed 13 times in 8.5 hours, with 4 accidents.

On Day 3 (today) she peed 23 times in 12 hours, with 2 accidents. 91% success!

I have been charting the time and how much she pees, and it seems like she needs to go every half hour. This seems like a lot, but it is a very small amount every time. My feeling is that her bladder is VERY small, she drinks a lot, and she is not used to holding it at all, but rather letting it leak out in small amounts all the time. So, it makes sense for now that she has to go a lot until she learns how to hold it for longer periods.

The bad news is that we are stuck at home for a week or more until we can get the hang of this.

The good news is that I can clearly tell that she can feel the sensation to pee, and she is finally having some success at telling me she has to go and holding it long enough to make it to the potty. The sticker chart has been a helpful motivator as well.

Eden has been pooping on the potty almost 100% of the time for the past couple of months (I honestly can't remember the last time she had a poop accident), and I really feel like we could actually have her completely potty-trained before she starts kindergarten in the fall.

Go Eden!!!! Go Me!!!

And just for the fun of it...Go Holland!!!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! It is always a good feeling to be making progress when you've been putting in so much work.

Katy said...

Yay! That actually makes a lot of sense. When Charlie first came home from teh hospital, they told us that he didn't "hold it" and that was probably a result of being catheterized practically at birth. He's better now, but I haven't tried potty training, so I kind of wonder how long he'll be able to hold it.

Anne said...

I am praying to the pee gods that this is the final run at potty training for you!

Love the poms poms!

Billie said...

Today's final stats: 12 hours, 23 pees with 2 accidents. That means she peed in the potty 21 times, with a success rate of 91%. That's an A! And that's a LOT of pee. Whew.

Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

Billie, you were the one who gave me the bravery to tackle toilet training with my daughter. She has global muscular weaknesses so to get a girl who can't feel her muscles, let alone hold them, I thought was asking too much.

But your toilet chart post last year inspired me, we were brave enough to tackle it and she is now day toilet trained. She still needs an enema to move her bowel so getting rid of the enemas is a challenge we'll tackle. At some point when I'm brave enough!

Thanks for sharing the journey of your girls. It helps give hope to all of us who are Blessed to be parents to a special child/ren.

Erica said...

They do sell waterproof underwear type things that can go over panties to keep messes at a minimum if you absolutley have to get out of the house.

Kendra Lynn said...

Yay! Proud of you, Edie...You are awesome!

Unknown said...

Way to go!!!!!

Valeria said...

waooo wonderfull news!!!